Victorian Dress Reform: Who, What, When, and Why

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Many of us know about the women’s suffrage movement, abolition, and temperance societies, but what about the dress reform movement?  Many of the most radical and audacious women involved in progressive movements of the Victorian Era could see the way that women were physically prevented from fully participating in society. Such limitations, they argued, took [...]

The Tea Gown – Bridging Victorian and Edwardian Fashion

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The Tea Gown - Not Just for Entertaining at Home The tea gown was born when dress reform returned to fashion considerations during the 1870s. Doctors were voicing concern over the health effects of wearing a corset and women were ready to 'take a breather' for at least part of the day from the tightly [...]

The Evolution of Dress Reform – Part 2

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Dress Reform - Beyond the Bloomer Although the bloomer dress did not take off as a fashion in the mid-19th century, dress reform didn't go away. Women were still seeking social and political equality. The invention of the hoop skirt wasn't going to change that. Women still participated in sports, and fashion continued to evolve [...]

The Evolution of Dress Reform – Part 1

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The Seeds of Dress Reform are Sown When settlers came to what is now the United States, it wasn't unusual to see Native American women wearing leggings under their skirts. European women were not immune to their functionality. Some women started wearing a version of pants under their skirts during the French Revolution. This combination was [...]