1950s: The Golden Age of sunglasses

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I am a huge sunglasses freak! It is so much fun to have a pair for every occasion and mood. I am also quite fired up about summer finally arriving and have been doing a lot of thinking about how people from the past may have celebrated the beginning of this fun, sunny season. I [...]

Green with Envy: colors in the Victorian Era

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“It is not the material worn, but the judicious choice of colors, which indicates the true lady.” ~Color in Dress, 1841 Victorians were nothing if not prescriptive. They were (in general) also very concerned with aesthetics and beauty. The overlap of the two created an emphasis on the “rules” of female dress, including discussions about the [...]

Happy National Rose Month!

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Did you know that the rose is the official flower of the United States? It became official in 1986 under the presidency of Ronald Reagan, though efforts had been underway since June 1959 when National Rose Month was first observed. I think that roses are a great cause for celebration...care to join me? I hope that [...]

A very Victorian June

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Let’s talk about June in the Victorian and Edwardian eras! All signs point to it being one of the most popular times of the year, and researching the topic is a joy, not to mention pleasing to the eyes. It was a month of importance. A time of decadence, socializing, and inspiration. Would you like [...]

The multiple meanings of “corsage”

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Today, most of us automatically think of high school dances when we hear the word “corsage.” Myself, I am envious when I see the photos and firmly believe that more of us should be given opportunities to wear flowers around our wrists!  But I digress… While we may picture prom dresses and photos on the [...]

May history news roundup

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May History News Roundup  May brought with it a ton of rain here in Denver, so I was even more happy to collect history news and research from the safety of my apartment. This roundup includes some very pretty pieces that have inspired some future features on this blog.  Some highlights:  A look at Boston’s [...]

The social season: 19th Century's time to party

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Did you know that if it was 1823 rather than 2023 many of us would be right in the middle of the “social season”? From Jane Austen novels to Bridgerton, it is commonly referred to in stories set in the 19th century, and as I start to make my own plans for what is sure [...]

Tickled pink: colors in the Victorian era

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Clothing colors looked a lot different in the Victorian era. For women, for instance, a “little black dress” would have referred to a no-frills mourning gown. Strict rules, some unspoken and some quite explicit, governed what colors went together, and in what ways. Over the next few months, I will be taking a look at [...]

A mid-century Mother's Day brunch

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Happy Mother’s Day to our sweet readers and customers! What are you doing to celebrate? Are any of you attending a Mother’s Day brunch? If you are, you are taking part in a tradition that goes back many decades. I know this partially because about a year ago I stumbled upon a delightful assortment of [...]