Four fashion icons and the history of lipstick

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I love to wear lipstick and do so almost every day. Occasionally I notice that in casual settings I am the only woman doing so, but there is something about it that makes me feel like “me.” Coloring one’s lips has a history that goes back thousands of years, with it signifying different meanings entirely [...]

August history news roundup

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It was a slow month for history news, but a good one. If you are looking for some good Labor Day reading, Recollections has you covered. Some highlights:  -Five statue designs of Harriet Tubman -Pineapple as a status symbol -The “modern Victorian” design trend Happy reading!  August history news JSTOR: The Fungi-Mad Ladies of Long [...]

The Golden Age of Paper Dolls

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It would be hard to imagine children playing with paper dolls today, but there was an era when they were collected and well-loved. There was a window of time when paper dolls were all the rage, right before they would be replaced by the Queen Bee of all dolls to this day, Ms. Barbie herself. [...]

Edwardian women in black and white

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I am a fan of Edward Linley Sambourne and I didn’t even know it!  During my time as a women’s history researcher and blogger, I have used Sambourne’s photography multiple times, never realizing the source. I think because photography was emerging as such a popular medium during the Edwardian era I assumed that the plethora [...]

What's a woman's wallet, really?

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“Keys, phone, wallet…” like many of you this is my leaving-the-house mantra. I also almost never leave the house without my sunglasses, but I typically have those already on my body before I repeat the mantra. Like sunglasses; phones and wallets are things women have carried with them for less than a hundred years. When [...]

Ribbon corsets

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In my recent post about Victorian summer dresses, I came across photos of ventilated corsets; corsets made of ribbon or strips of fabric connecting the boning and ties. At first, I thought that they may have been a new summer-friendly invention of the late Victorian era but I came to learn that ribbon corsets were [...]

All about August

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Happy August! This time of year just flies by so fast. It’s probably because of all of the extra activity and leaving the house so much. I always like to make sure that I take advantage as the winter sure finds me keeping the company of my apartment so much more.  August is the time [...]

The women of the 2024 quarters

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A couple of weeks ago the U.S. Mint announced that in 2024 it will be releasing five new quarters featuring five new American women. I don’t know about you, but I am excited to start a collection of women’s history coins. To add to the excitement I thought it would be fun to take a [...]

July History News Roundup

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History news and new research doesn’t stop for summer! July was full of really neat stories that I am excited to share with you!  Some highlights:  Five new quarters announced for 2024 – featuring five different American women. Forgotten Victorian slang The surprising history of pink lemonade Enjoy this month’s conversation starters!  Smithsonian Magazine: See the Face [...]