November history news

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This is a fun edition of history news! November was a bit slower for obvious reasons, but it was rich and interesting nonetheless. From the history of folding chairs to the history of long hair, this roundup will keep you reading for the entire weekend.  I came across some very unexpected topics. My favorites (besides [...]

October history news

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October sure was a great month for history news! I have been looking forward to sharing this roundup for multiple weeks now. A few of my favorites:  -The match safe - a Victorian trinket I had never heard of until now.  -Lois Bell’s passion for fashion -A traveling museum of spooky Victorian artifacts -Female artists [...]

America's first newspaper

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September 25 marks the 333rd anniversary of the first newspaper published in the United States. As with many of the “firsts” that took place in the early days of our country, it involved interesting characters, a bit of rebellion, and one heck of a story. This is a brief history of Benjamin Harris and his [...]

August history news roundup

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It was a slow month for history news, but a good one. If you are looking for some good Labor Day reading, Recollections has you covered. Some highlights:  -Five statue designs of Harriet Tubman -Pineapple as a status symbol -The “modern Victorian” design trend Happy reading!  August history news JSTOR: The Fungi-Mad Ladies of Long [...]

The women of the 2024 quarters

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A couple of weeks ago the U.S. Mint announced that in 2024 it will be releasing five new quarters featuring five new American women. I don’t know about you, but I am excited to start a collection of women’s history coins. To add to the excitement I thought it would be fun to take a [...]

July History News Roundup

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History news and new research doesn’t stop for summer! July was full of really neat stories that I am excited to share with you!  Some highlights:  Five new quarters announced for 2024 – featuring five different American women. Forgotten Victorian slang The surprising history of pink lemonade Enjoy this month’s conversation starters!  Smithsonian Magazine: See the Face [...]

May history news roundup

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May History News Roundup  May brought with it a ton of rain here in Denver, so I was even more happy to collect history news and research from the safety of my apartment. This roundup includes some very pretty pieces that have inspired some future features on this blog.  Some highlights:  A look at Boston’s [...]

April history news roundup

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April was a great month for history news and research! I have compiled my favorite stories from sources near and far and hope that it will make for fun weekend reading. A few highlights: A comprehensive Beatrix Potter exhibition in NashvilleThe castle that marked the beginning of Catherine Howard’s downfallA guide to the Restoration  I [...]

March History News Roundup

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March was a fun month for women’s history research and human interest stories! It was a challenge to pull my top picks and also to stop myself from spending all day in bed reading each day after discovering the latest each morning. I hope that this will provide some fun weekend reading for you. There [...]