Virtual self-guided tours to celebrate Women’s History Month

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Every month is Women’s History Month here at Recollections, but we appreciate the extra incentive to do fun research on our favorite topic. All month long we have been compiling a list of virtual women’s history exhibits to share with you. We’ve got some videos of museum tours, some 360° virtual walks of historic sites, [...]

Five women's history books from my collection

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Want to celebrate Women’s History Month by helping to keep the lives of pioneering women remembered? Here are five recommendations from my own collection.  What’s your favorite women’s history book or biography? Let us know in the comments! ZeldaBy Nancy Milford It was an absolute joy to read this gripping and detailed biography last year. [...]

A brief history of hat boxes

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There is something about hat boxes that adds such a nice touch to a room or a feeling of sophistication to a scene. While they may not elicit as much excitement as vintage hats themselves, they are elegant reminders of a time past. A time of daily formality and attention to detail. A time when [...]

Vintage St. Paddy's Day cards to make you feel the luck of the Irish

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, dear customers! There is something in the air about this holiday this year and we have been enjoying celebrating all month long on our social media channels. (If you aren’t following us yet go and find us on Facebook and Instagram!) We know that many of you enjoy getting in the [...]

In memory of Billie McKernan

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We at Recollections would love to take the opportunity to remember Billie McKernan, a loved member of our community who passed recently, and to highlight the joy she created for her family while enjoying history-inspired clothing.  We first got to know Billie in 2015, the year she decided would be her last to dress up [...]

The colors of Women's History Month

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Happy Women’s History Month! We love celebrating here at Recollections and will be sharing related content during March. It is such a fun opportunity to dive into our favorite topic, but the day itself has a rich history and one that involves a lot of brave, pioneering women. We will go into the story of [...]

February History News Roundup

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What does deep love from a distance really look like? Or living inside one of the time’s most famous operas? All that and more in February’s history round-up.  What history news would you like us to make sure to cover here or in new blog posts? If you have an idea or fun news story [...]

Let's talk about Victorian cameos!

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A brooch is the perfect finishing touch to any Victorian dress or ensemble. I know I have regretted not having one more than once when dressing for a 19th-century-themed event! We have some great options here at Recollections, my favorite is the fairy cameo below.  Vintage Fairy Brooch The cameo style is a very distinctive [...]

Happy Valentine's Day!

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We love Valentine’s Day here at Recollections! Perhaps it is because the Victorians embraced it so much. Whatever the case, we look forward to it and have enjoyed creating some great content over the last few years. We also love using it as an occasion to express love and appreciation for our customers and readers. [...]