Recollections Clothing – Made in America just for You!

What does it mean to make a purchase from Recollections? You are investing in a quality garment, for sure. But, you are also investing in a quality garment that is designed and manufactured one at a time by hand just for you. We are proud to be among businesses that can say ‘Made in America.’ We are a small business with a big economic impact on the area in which we live, work, and play. We employ a good old fashioned work ethic centered on customer service. It’s the way we roll in Hawks, Michigan. We’re part of a tiny rural community in a rural county (Presque Isle) along the pristine Lake Huron shoreline. So, who are we and how do we do it?

Recollections was born of a young woman’s love for Victorian fashion. Our owner and designer expanded on that love so that we now include fashions from the late Georgian/Regency and Edwardian eras as well as the 1920s and vintage 1950s. New fashions are featured each month. We also listen to our customers and are known for bringing fashions out of the ‘vault.’

Before the First Cut Through Bidding Adieu

It all starts when you place your order through our website. Our customer service department is here to help place your order if needed or desired. We are here to answer any questions you might have about your order, too.

Recollections clothing - made in America

Getting the process started – we’re here to help! Your garment starts the handmade process.

Once the order is received, we get busy preparing to make your garment. It all starts with the pattern and the fabric. We hand-cut each piece in the color and fabric desired. Some pieces are then sent to very experienced local seamstresses who work from home. Some garments are sewn in-house. Each day we receive the work completed and inspect it before sending it on to the next step in construction. Specialty work is completed by dedicated seamstresses. Buttonholes, pleats, and ruffles are just a few of the specialties we encounter on a daily basis.

Recollections clothing - made in America

Special touches by expert seamstresses make a difference. We even hand sew buttons!

Our fashions are then prepared for shipping. Each one is inspected, pressed, and lovingly placed in a protective covering. Once the extras are ready, a personal note of thanks is enclosed with every order. Completed packages patiently wait for our beloved UPS driver to pick them up. We then bid them goodbye and wish them well in their new lives with you!

Recollections clothing - made in America

We apply the final finishing touches and send each on their merry way!

We are very happy to serve each and every one of our customers. You are the cornerstone of who we are and what we do. We are grateful that you choose to purchase from us and that ‘Made in America’ means something to you. We are grateful for your appreciation of what it takes to make your garment by hand.

You are a diverse group, too! We make garments for personal use but we also provide fashions for entertainment including large (movies) and small screens (series), live theatre, reenactments, historical societies and museums, business uniforms, and more.

Thank you for making us who we are today. Happy shopping!

– Donna Klein