Happy Thanksgiving! We know it is a big week for many of you, plus the beginning of the shopping season and a flurry of activity. We enjoy being a part of your holiday season and adding some fun to it.

As a special thank you for a great year and as a special kick-off to the holiday season we are offering a game to play. All of the questions from this trivia game have to do with items covered on the blog over the last three years. Can you guess them all?

Trivia rules:

To play, put your answers in the comments (in one post, please) or email them to contest@recollections.biz.

Each question answered correctly earns $5 to use on a regularly-priced item on our website.

Answer all of them correctly? You’ll win a 25% coupon to use on a regular-priced item on our website.

Coupons will sent out with your coupon code by Friday, December 1.

The Thanksgiving trivia ends at midnight on Tuesday, November 28th.

Good luck!

Thanksgiving trivia:

1. What spice was so popular in the 18th and 19th centuries that carrying a device around to enjoy it on the spot became a status symbol? 

2. Pockets as we know them today are a fairly new invention. How did women carry around their important belongings in the 18th century? 

3. Tea time took the Victorian world by storm. There were a plethora of supplies used to create just the perfect setting and cup of tea. What cute item, placed around one’s finger was used for measuring the right amount of tea for one cup? 

4. What would a proper Victorian lady use if she wanted to include a handful of flowers with her when attending a ball or formal event? 

5. People in the 1950s were excited about new plastic conveniences. What item, tiny enough to be put in a compact case was all the rage and meant to keep a lady dry when caught in the rain? 

6. What accessory used in the 19th century was used by women to carry such items as a notebook, a perfume bottle, a vile or smelling salts, sewing supplies, keys, and more; all on the outside of their clothing? 

7. People in the 18th and 19th centuries had pretty ways to catalog and remember the important people in their life. What would have been used to document and store keepsakes, signatures of friends, drawings, love letters, short messages from friends, and more (perhaps even locks of hair!)?

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