We all love Civil War dresses, with their hoop skirts and frills and lace. But, sometimes we like to reenact scenes from movies, and following a particular pattern from a movie can be helpful in choosing the kind of Civil War costume we want. Here, we have listed our five favorite Civil War movies that you can use as inspiration for your Civil War dresses and costumes the next time you go reenacting.


1. Gone with the Wind: The quintessential Civil War movie, Gone with the Wind gives you hundreds of dresses to choose from. Whether you look at Scarlett’s saucy outfits or Melanie’s more conservative ensembles, you will be sure to find some Civil War dresses from which you can draw inspiration. Most of the dresses in the movie are set during the actual war, which means that they are hooped and not bustled.

2. Lincoln: While the main woman we see in this movie is Mary Todd Lincoln (played by Sally Field), it’s an opportunity to take a look at the Civil War northern aristocracy, and you can draw some inspiration from the first lady of the USA with some gowns that are more extravagant than average.

3. Somersby: Take the Civil War dresses we’ve been talking about and add a dash of the pioneer look, and you’ve got Somersby. Laurel’s simple wardrobe lets her natural beauty shine through, which may be the approach you want to take for your next reenactment. By mixing and matching pieces from the different collections, you can look just like Laurel, too!

4. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: Now, you may think that the costumes in this movie are just like the ones from Lincoln. However, this is a sci-fi take on the Civil War, so there’s a little bit more steampunk flair to the gowns than before. If you like the more alternative looks, this may be the route to take.

5. The Gangs of New York: As a poor ward of the Irish tyrant, Jenny wears eclectic dresses that steal elements from oriental cultures, Irish culture, and Civil War dress. To add some cultural flair to your wardrobe, consider using Jenny as inspiration.


Drawing on the cinema for inspiration will help you put together an unforgettable ensemble, and Recollections can help you find the Civil War dresses of your dreams. Search through our catalog, and we are sure that you will find some striking comparisons between your favorite movies and the dresses we have.