The Tea Gown – Bridging Victorian and Edwardian Fashion

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The Tea Gown - Not Just for Entertaining at Home The tea gown was born when dress reform returned to fashion considerations during the 1870s. Doctors were voicing concern over the health effects of wearing a corset and women were ready to 'take a breather' for at least part of the day from the tightly [...]

Murdoch Mysteries (The Artful Detective) – Building Steam(punk) to Season 10

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Murdoch Mysteries or The Artful Detective? Murdoch Mysteries started production on its 10th season last month. If you aren't familiar with this gem which is known as The Artful Detective in the United States (Ovation TV), take a little time some rainy day this summer to catch up on past episodes. You won't be disappointed! [...]

The Tea Ladies, Inc.

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The Tea Ladies: Victorian and Edwardian History Events The Victorian Tea Ladies is a dedicated group of volunteers who offer a variety of programs related to the Victorian and Edwardian eras. They have been doing this for 13 years! Some programs take place in Bloomington, Illinois. They also have a traveling program where they will [...]

The Edwardian Fashions of My Fair Lady – Eliza’s Closet

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by Donna Klein A Glimpse into Eliza's Closet There is nothing quite like the Edwardian fashions of My Fair Lady. Whether you look at the original Broadway production from 1964 starring Julie Andrews as Eliza Doolittle or one of the revivals, or you get lost in the 1964 movie starring Audrey Hepburn, you can't help [...]

Royal Ascot – Height of the English Social Season

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Popular Fixture in the English Social Calendar It's no accident that Ascot racecourse is located near Windsor Castle. A flat expanse of heathland near the castle in the town of Ascot was suggested by Queen Anne after coming upon it one day while out for a ride. The first race took place on August 11, [...]

My Fair Lady – THE Edwardian Musical – pt. 2

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by Donna Klein The Musical Beauty of My Fair Lady Being a part of the cast and crew of this musical has been a been a fun and educational experience, but the most fun is dressing the part. Whether we're flower girls, opera or Ascot patrons, servants, ball attendees, or Alfred P. Doolittle's cronies, we're [...]

Lily Elsie – Epitome of Edwardian Beauty Part 2

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by Donna Klein   Post-Edwardian Aftermath   Lily's shyness and lack of confidence were so pronounced that she suffered from paralyzing stage fright. Although she had a string of hits following the run of The Merry Widow, she often missed performances because she was unable to overcome her fears. She became know as 'a part-time [...]

Lily Elsie – Epitome of Edwardian Beauty Part 1

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by Donna Klein   Little Elsie - talent and beauty   Lily Elsie came into this world as Elsie Hodder on April 8, 1886. Her mother was Charlotte Elizabeth Hodder, a dressmaker who operated a lodging house in Armley. Leeds, Yorkshire. Less is known about her father, although the obituary of Arthur Borrows, a one-time [...]

Edwardian Women Loved Hair and Hats! Part 2

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Here, there, everywhere hats... Edwardian women must have spent most of their time dressing for whatever came next in their day/night. It wasn't unusual for upper-class women to have at least six changes of clothing for a weekend outing. One needed to dress for shooting, hunting, lounging, promenading, dining, and more. No accessory was more [...]

Edwardian Women Loved Hair and Hats! Part 1

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Hair vs. Hats   As the Victorian era neared its end, hair was as reined in as the clothing. Small hats complemented the fashion of the day. But, as the 1890s drew to a close, hair grew larger (rock bands of the 1980s had nothing on these ladies) and hats followed suit. We may have [...]