What is Period Events & Entertainments Re-Creation Society?

The Period Events & Entertainments Re-Creation Society (PEERS) is a non-profit corporation based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. The organization is dedicated to remembering, researching, and re-creating the performing arts of the past. Their goals include producing and sponsoring original and re-creations of historical works of dance, music, and theatre, with an emphasis on audience interaction. They also support artists and researchers involved in the performing arts of the past. PEERS provides instruction to the general public in the performing arts of the past in their historical context.


How does PEERS connect with its audience?


PEERS has two ways to encourage audience participation. Each year they produce a number of historical and literary re-creation events. These events celebrate times in our past as far back as the Canterbury Tales with a feast and ball, and as current as the 1940s with a 1941 Evening in Casablanca, a Film Noir Black & White Ball. The Victorian era also plays a prominent role in PEERS events. They’ve held a variety of Victorian Balls and recreate a 19th century French costume ball dubbed ‘Le Bal des Vampires.’


PEERS 12th Night January 4, 2014


So, what if you don’t know how to dance, especially historical period dances? No problem! PEERS offers weekly dance classes. They offer a newcomer-friendly one hour class on Sunday afternoons. A more advanced one hour class for experienced dancers and brave newcomers follows each week. Partners aren’t necessary. Dress is casual for these classes. Classes often focus on the dances of the era of their next event, which makes it easier for people to fully participate. If you aren’t comfortable dancing in a group, PEERS also offers private vintage ballroom dance lessons.


Supporting Period Events & Entertainments Re-Creation Society


To support their mission of research, and public participation and education in historical re-creations, people pay admission to their events and for the dance classes. They also accept donations.


More Information


Information for this post was gleaned from the PEERS website at: http://www.peersdance.org/index.html. Visit their site for more information and photos.


To take a glimpse into one of their events, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjEQy24xJMo. This video is of the Charles Dickens Bicentennial Birthday Ball and includes a brief reading from the “author” himself!


Photos by Jean Martin: http://ladyleandra.smugmug.com/share/OvUdX8gYQlljc