October history news

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October sure was a great month for history news! I have been looking forward to sharing this roundup for multiple weeks now. A few of my favorites:  -The match safe - a Victorian trinket I had never heard of until now.  -Lois Bell’s passion for fashion -A traveling museum of spooky Victorian artifacts -Female artists [...]

The history of cottagecore

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Cottagecore has been one of the biggest trends in “aesthetics” in the past few years and it doesn’t look like it will be a short-lived craze. The interest in the look for both home design and fashion is growing. The look emphasizes history, simplicity, and nature. Recollections is happy to now be offering clothing based [...]

A Victorian interest in apples

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While they are available now year-round, apples are technically a seasonal fruit for fall. That is probably why so many warm dishes were made with them during the Victorian era. Apples in the Victorian era were a very popular and common ingredient, even served as a dessert dish on their own. There was also a [...]

A short history of thrift stores: from Charles Dickens to today

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A lot of people head to thrift stores to get ideas for Halloween or add just the right unique touch to their costumes. Our customers enjoy thrift stores and antique shops because they provide a fun treasure hunt to discover pieces from the past that one may never even think to look for. The history [...]

The History of Jack-O-Lanterns

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The time is here again! There is a nip in the air and black and orange abound. Creativity is flowing - Halloween is here. Before long, a large number of people reading this will be carving pumpkins. I hope to do the same. But as many of you, I don’t know much about the history [...]

A short history of lockets

By | October 8th, 2023|Categories: Accessories, Trinkets, Victorian fashion|

Nothing says sweet, old-fashioned romance like a heart-shaped locket on a chain. It is a lovely tradition, saying so much about the person wearing it. But where did the history of lockets begin? Some say it is all due to queens, but I think there is a bit more to it, as I often do.  [...]

How to pack a Victorian suitcase

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Are you taking any trips this fall? It is a great time for those who want smaller crowds and cooler weather. If you are taking a trip, do you know how to pack your suitcase?  The Victorian era was a very interesting time for travel. Advances in transportation made it easier to go long distances [...]

Get inspired! Quotes about fall

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Fall is upon us! Let’s get excited! It is an enriching and inspiring time of the year. I think there is something about the crispness in the air combined with the vibrant colors all around us that bring out the creativity and enthusiasm of so many people. It certainly did so for the authors featured [...]

Elizabeth Blackwell: changing how women give and receive medical care

By | September 24th, 2023|Categories: Victorian Era, Women's History|

A lot of women made enormous strides in the 19th century. One woman carved the way for others in two different countries and left a legacy still honored today. Are you familiar with Elizabeth Blackwell? Born in 1821, she is recognized as the first woman to earn a medical degree in the United States and [...]