What does deep love from a distance really look like? Or living inside one of the time’s most famous operas? All that and more in February’s history round-up. 

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February 2023 history news roundup 

Evening Standard: Victorian-era love letters sent by former PM’s parents published online

“History already documents the union of these two immensely influential families but these private letters show us the tender young couple in love, eager that they would get on with each other’s families. We’re putting extracts online today so people can read them for themselves.”

Swoon – this is a discovery worth diving into! Does love like this still exist? 

Harper’s Bazaar Australia: Bridgerton and other British period dramas are set to ban corsets

Following multiple health and safety complaints on set, Bridgerton crew have reportedly informed the cast they can wear their own underwear. Here’s why…

Tasting Table: The Victorian Era Origin Of Heart-Shaped Chocolate Boxes

Did you buy your sweetheart a heart-shaped box this past Valentine’s Day? Were you aware of its Victorian origins? Get prepared with some research before you shop for next year’s gifts.

Edinburgh Live: The ‘historic’ Edinburgh building that is nowhere near as old as people think

Do you love Scotland? This Chambers Street building is a major tourist draw, but it’s not quite as historic as people think…

Express and Star: The ‘ghost’ girl who still waits for her dad to come home after he died in the 19th Century building Lake Vyrnwy dam

Wales is the home of Lake Vrynwy, and it is also the home of a woman from the 1880s who is still waiting for her dad to return to the site. Get the spooky details here. 

Digg.com: Some Of The Victorian Era’s Most Ridiculous Rules

More research on Victorian customs! Have you ever heard about a “wife sale”? Or are you familiar with Victorian dating rules? This cute video explores the background of these 19th-century tidbits and more. 

Archaelogy.org: Victorian-Era Lead Coffin Unearthed at Leicester Cathedral

A lead coffin holding the remains of a Victorian-era doctor noted for his tenderness with patients and his contributions to modern medicine has been found among more than 1,000 burials at Leicester Cathedral by archaeologists from the University of Leicester, according to a BBC News report.

Today: Women’s History Month Colors 

A blog post in the works! Women’s History Month is almost here! The colors are purple, green, and white. Want to know why? Give the article a click. 

Good Good Good: 36 Activities To Celebrate Women’s History Month (2023)

Who’s ready for Women’s History Month? Want to keep the good vibes going during all of March? This great Good Good Good post has tons of ideas, from movies to TedTalks to virtual museum tours and everything in between. 

Smithsonian: Parisian Opera House That Inspired ‘Phantom of the Opera’ Becomes an Airbnb

Love Fan of the Opera? Imagine treating yourself to a night inside the opulent Parisian opera house that inspired the beloved musical and novel. Want to give yourself the gift of a romantic opera fantasy? Read on. 

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