It was a slow month for history news, but a good one. If you are looking for some good Labor Day reading, Recollections has you covered. Some highlights: 

-Five statue designs of Harriet Tubman

-Pineapple as a status symbol

-The “modern Victorian” design trend

Happy reading! 

August history news

JSTOR: The Fungi-Mad Ladies of Long Ago

Studying fungi may not have been seen as the most ladylike pastime in the 1800s, but some women had a passion for discovering and documenting various species, and their drawings helped to launch new interest in these “toadstools.” This article includes many of these drawings and brief bios of a handful of the women who created them. 

Smithsonian: Five Ways of Looking at Harriet Tubman

Did you know that Harriet Tubman’s 200th birthday was last year? In honor of the occasion the city of Philidelphia is commissioning her statue. Her are five of the proposals, which one do you like the best? See Highlights From a New Show on the History of Women’s Work—From Indigenous Crafts to Artifacts of Female Empowerment

The New York Historical Society’s exhibit “Women’s Work” uses physical artifacts to provide a loo at the dynamic history of 300 years of women’s employment. My favorite? A tavern licsense from 1784 issued to a woman named Mary Dickinson. 

Grunge: Why Victorian Staircases Were So Dangerous

Victorian architecture may be something many of us swoon at today, but it was also deadly. Here’s why. 

Business Insider: 7 unlikely status symbols throughout history, from pineapples to mummy-unwrapping parties

Have you ever heard of a mummy un-wrapping party? Being invited to one during the Victorian era would have made you feel like you were a real society person. In another era, pineapples were presented to kings. Read about status symbols from the past in this interesting post. Do any of them appeal to you? What Is Victorian Architecture?

One of my favorite things to hear on a trip is “look at the beautiful Victorian buildings!” The era brought us unique designs that are recognizable to this day. There are specific elements that belong to the era. Here are six of them. 

Mary Sue: We’ll Clue You in on the Best Period Detective Dramas

Need a new period drama to binge? Look no further. This roundup lists ten of the best options that have a detective angle. The only problem will be deciding which one to watch first! 

Better Homes and Gardens: The Modern Victorian Aesthetic Will Give Your Home the Most Exquisite Feel

“Modern Victorian” is trending as an interior design option. Here’s why, and how you can bring it to your home. 

Smithsonian: Forgotten Winnie-the-Pooh Sketch Found Wrapped in an Old Tea Towel

A paper napkin is about to go to auction, and it could be worth thousands. Why? It has a doodle of Winne the Pooh that may be the last one illustrator E.H. Shepard ever made of the loveable bear. It was recently discovered in a cellar drawer, “forgotten and unloved.” Want to make a bid? Check out this Smithsonian article. 

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