Do you wish to go back in time to the Charleston, flappers, boas, and speakeasies? Well, let Recollections help you find your Great Gatsby style with our Pinterest Style Guide! With the release of the Baz Luhrmann version of “The Great Gatsby,” starring Leonardo diCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Carey Mulligan, the style of the 1920s has come back into vogue. Dropped waist skirts and long hanging pearls can be found in many local retailers. Using our own fashions, you can now directly compare them to the fashions of the seemingly innocent, Daisy Buchannan.

All of the dresses that are featured on Pinterest on our style guide are handmade in our shop from patterns that mirror original ones. So, why look all over for a Great Gatsby inspired dress that will look modernized when you can find one right here at Recollections that’s truly authentic? Pinterest is a great resource, but it can get a little cluttered, so we put all of the dresses you could possibly want right here in one spot. You can even send us some of your favorite Gatsby pins, that way we know what you want from our shop and we can talk to you, the customer. If you see a cool pin on Gatsby hairstyles or a quote from Daisy or Jordan Baker that you like, send it to us! We want to see it, and we want your inspiration to become our inspiration. And, if you want to see more fashions like this from Recollections, let us know! If you want to see women’s pants for a Jordan ensemble or a saucy flapper dress for Myrtle, we can make it happen for you.

We have dresses that are for informal occasions, like garden parties or just strolling around town, and also gowns that are elegant enough for any evening out on the town. We also have all of the accessories to match your Great Gatsby gown—heels, peals, fans, gloves—that you can conveniently order from one place. Whether you want a Great Gatsby inspired dress to go to a costume party or reenactment, or you just love the look and want to show off your Gatsby style, you should look to Recollections to make all of your 1920s dreams come true. Click right here to get started building your Great Gatsby wardrobe with Recollections.