Before we get started, if you’ve missed out on the last episode, check out our recap here!


At the start of the episode, we learn that Edith’s man-friend in Germany was killed by Nazis (the horrible men in tan shirts). And, right on cue, Mary is completely unsympathetic to Edith’s grief, and not only makes jokes at her expense, but shows the extent of her apathy by getting a new haircut. At least Edith bites back at dinner and shows Mary what a heartless Ice Queen she is. In Mary’s defense, at least the rest of the family is equally indifferent to Edith’s pain. Lord Grantham just uses it as a way to make biting little remarks to Cora about her cheating. Obviously he’s forgotten about the maid he was necking with in season two. Except when Cora reminds him, and he finally forgives her. Thank god Cora finally asserted herself!
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Carson and Mrs. Hughes go with Miss Patmore to see the cottage that she is investing in. It’s cute and Carson begins to think that he and Mrs. Hughes should invest in one—of course, “just as friends.” They flirt and it’s adorable. Equally adorable in the episode is the Dowager Countess and Prince Kuragin. They have a meeting where they meet at his one-bedroom home, and he tells her that he loves her more than the Princess, even today. She’s still mysteriously looking for the Princess, even though she probably feels the same.


Downton Abbey S5 E6

Denker, the Dowager’s new lady’s maid, and Sprat fight the entire episode about trivial issues in her house, which keeps the Dowager more than amused. In the big house, Thomas’s attempts to un-gay himself resulted in him getting poisoned. Baxter took him to see Dr. Clarkson, who is surprisingly understanding about his homosexuality, considering the time period. But, because Baxter and Clarkson are so kind to him, Thomas begins to change his attitude, and might actually be turning nice. Meanwhile, we learn that Bates isn’t a murderer. Unfortunately for him, Mary burned the evidence.


Downton Abbey S5 E6

The climax of the episode comes at the picnic. Mary’s plan to get rid of Tony Gillingham starts working when Mabel Lane Fox comes back into the picture. Isobel decides to marry Lord Merton, which disappoints the Dowager, since they are best friends and companions. Atticus tries impressing Rose the entire time at the picnic, which is adorable. On a darker note, Edith decides to run away completely and take her baby with her. Considering the way her family treats her, it’s not surprising. Branson does his best to get her to stay, and she’s forced to admit to Mrs. Drewe that she’s the mother. Mrs. Drewe puts up quite the fight, and Edith’s probably destroyed all the trust between her and her husband.


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So, now we can just imagine what’s going to happen. The family is definitely going to find out about Edith being in London, and she’ll only be able to put up the front about Marigold being a ‘prodigy’ child for so long. Hopefully Edith finds a way to navigate around this—she smiled in this episode for the first time in three seasons, and it would be nice to see her leave mopey Edith behind.

We must wait another week to see how things play out, but in the mean time