Did Queen Victoria turn Victorian Wedding Dresses White?

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Victorian wedding dresses are a sight for any eyes - sore or otherwise. The era was a big time for weddings as life was becoming more public and both parties were increasingly given more say in who they met at the end of the aisle. Queen Victoria herself is a great example of this gradual [...]

Wedding Traditions through the centuries

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We know about the common wedding traditions that have stood the test of time, but we may not always know their origin or why we still honor them. Some of these traditions may come as a shock, while others are more than fitting to last lifetimes. Here are just a few wedding traditions that have [...]

Ways to make your Victorian wedding dress, cake, and invite dreams come true!

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Are you as obsessed with the Victorian era as we are? If so, then you may want your big day to have some Victorian-themed elements in it. But how exactly can you insert some Victorian flair into your wedding day? And where can you find everything you need? Well, we are here to give you [...]

A Breakdown of What a Victorian Bride Wore

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Victorian bridal wear was just as intricate as the bridal dresses of today. With the wedding of Kate Middleton, Victorian wedding dresses are coming back into vogue. Lace sleeves and full skirts are more popular than ever and her timeless dress proved that Victorian style can be beautiful even in today’s modern world. But what [...]

The Victorian Wedding Dress: Belle Epoque

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The late Victorian Era in Europe went by many names—but the most beautiful was the term the French used. “Belle Époque” means Beautiful Age, and the fashion from this era didn’t disappoint either. Keeping with the name for the era, the wedding gowns of the Late Victorian Era still retained much of the style that [...]