We know about the common wedding traditions that have stood the test of time, but we may not always know their origin or why we still honor them. Some of these traditions may come as a shock, while others are more than fitting to last lifetimes. Here are just a few wedding traditions that have lasted decades, if not centuries, and are still popular in many modern-day ceremonies:

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…”

Some wedding traditions that still lives long beyond its Victorian-era birth. The old, new, borrowed, and blue items were thought to bring good fortune to a bride when worn together on her wedding day. Something old served as a reminder of the bride’s family and past life, while something new represented the future with her spouse. Something borrowed would be from another married couple to signify luck and fortune in her new marriage, and something blue acted as a promise of faithfulness and trust between the couple. Brides can still be found donning these items for good luck more than a century later, even in modern-day weddings.

The white dress

Believe it or not, brides did not always wear white on their wedding days. Credit this wedding tradition to another Victorian era statement, as Queen Victoria first stirred popularity around the white gown in 1840. Brides typically wore gold, red, or blue dresses when wed, as the colors signified wealth. Even 178 years ago, public figures took bold fashion risks; it was said that Queen Victoria’s wedding attire choice would be as shocking as Kate Middleton wearing a red gown to her 2011 royal wedding. The white dress soon became a staple for brides, representing innocence, purity, and a clear heart. Even today, although colored gowns make subtle appearances, white dresses take the crown in wedding dress sales.


Though bridesmaids now wear outfits to compliment the bride’s attire, it was not commonplace hundreds of years ago. Bridesmaids were initially implemented into nuptials in Roman times as witnesses, and also as protectors. The wedding party dressed similarly to the bride and groom as a means to confuse and ward off spirits and other suitors, ultimately preventing anyone from harming the soon-to-be-married couple. Whether it be the mother of the bride, bridesmaid, or guest attire, elegant Victorian gowns are still revered as flattering and refined options for a timeless special day.

Though these wedding traditions have survived through centuries, it is always encouraged to do what makes you feel most comfortable, regardless of what tradition says. You can emulate these traditional aspects for your wedding, and create your own bold wedding outfit with your spouse like the iconic celebrity duos seen here. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box, or into a box from centuries past, in order to achieve the wedding of your dreams!

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