A look at tea tables

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Let’s return to the history of afternoon tea! I have been having so much fun looking into the various aspects of the history of tea, especially as it relates to the Victorian era. So far this summer we have looked at a short history of the English afternoon tea and teaware of times past. I [...]

A Summer Victorian Tea; Enjoying Tradition

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Memories of a Tea-Time Tradition As we've been looking at the history of tea and how the tradition of tea time started, I was reminded of a time when I was a young girl some decades ago. My little sister and I would often visit with our neighbors, the Walker sisters and their father. Miss [...]

Tea, that Glorious Leaf!

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Roots of the Tea Leaf According to legend, Shen Nong, Emperor of China, was visiting a far-flung region of his realm in 2737 B.C. At one stop, some dried leaves from a nearby plant fell into water that was boiling, as was required before drinking at the time. The steeping leaves created a brownish liquid [...]

The Tea Ladies, Inc.

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The Tea Ladies: Victorian and Edwardian History Events The Victorian Tea Ladies is a dedicated group of volunteers who offer a variety of programs related to the Victorian and Edwardian eras. They have been doing this for 13 years! Some programs take place in Bloomington, Illinois. They also have a traveling program where they will [...]