Roundup: Spooky Victorian Traditions

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Our readers and customers really love Halloween. That is a delight to me, as it is my favorite holiday. I love the chance to dress up, go to parties, and have all sorts of festive fun without all of the pressures associated with the upcoming winter holidays. I also enjoy it because one of my [...]

Jewelry for Mourning

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Today it may seem to us that Victorians had a rather morbid fascination with death, however it is probably we who are now so insulated from this part of life, are overly sensitive to the topic. In the late 1800’s one in twenty infants died before their first birthday, and during the Civil [...]

Victorian mourning clothing and customs

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Queen Victoria goes into mourning  In December of 1861, Queen Victoria’s beloved husband Albert died. Her response to his death would forever change Victorian mourning clothing and customs. It had been the custom for a widow to wear black for a period of one year; other relatives were in mourning for lesser periods, depending on [...]