8 Delicious Tidbits About Halloween

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There still may be a bit of summer left on the calendar, but soon the leaves will be changing color and autumn will be in the air. When that happens, all of our thoughts will turn to... Halloween! Here are some interesting tidbits about one of our favorite holidays that I found at the History [...]

Recollections Fashion Show at the Centennial Building

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Recollections Fashion Show Recap The Lake Huron Discovery Tour 2015 has come and gone, but the Recollections fashion show at the Centennial Building in Alpena continues to live in the memories of those who joined us on October 10 for the festivities. The day started early for Recollections, with the models from the show prepped [...]

Animated Halloween Classics – for the Whole Family

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by Donna Klein I've been a kid and I've raised a couple of them. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and there is nothing I love more than animated Halloween classics at this time of year. Fortunately, I have two good excuses to keep watching them without people doubting my sanity - my grandchildren. My [...]

Family Halloween Fun

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by Donna Klein Get Ready for Some Family Halloween Fun! When thinking of family Halloween fun, I always go to the bowl of popcorn - whether inside a dark movie theater of in front of the television. There's nothing like sitting down with the kids to enjoy a good movie when the air is crisp and [...]

3 Fantasy Books for Halloween

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I've always been a fan of fantasy stories. When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a princess, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice, or Dorothy for Halloween. Things don't change much... I'm a big girl now, and I still want to dress up for the holiday! Here are three of my favorite [...]

3 Classic Monster Stories for Your Halloween

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Monster Stories and Halloween Who doesn't love monster movies and stories around Halloween? The thought conjures up Gothic images centered in or near the Victorian era. Whether you are searching for costume inspiration or are planning a movie party, here are three classic monster stories that might pique your interest. Frankenstein Who doesn't think of Frankenstein when Halloween [...]