Today we are making a connection Liesa Kelley Joslin, a fashion model for Recollections.

Q. How long have you been a model for Recollections?

A. Honestly, I’m not even sure because I’ve been doing it so long!  I would say at least 6-7 years?! Possibly more!

Q. Is Recollections the only company you’ve modeled for?

A. Yes, besides a professional photo shoot with a photographer I had won from a photo contest.

Q. How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

A. I make sure my hair is left from how it was the day before, it’s easier for our hairstylist to do it rather than if it were freshly washed.  I do my makeup at home and sometimes while I’m getting my hair done I will have breakfast from Karsten’s since it’s connected to the beauty shop it’s so convenient and it can be a long day without eating anything.

Q. How do you capture the essence of the garments you model?

A. I try to become what I am wearing.  If Marianne or Jen gives me some sort of vision of who would’ve worn this back then and what type of personality they had, I try to become that in the pictures.

Q. Do you have a favorite photo shoot location?

We used to do them outdoors, but I actually like doing them right in our studio the most.  It seems to be more personable and we can focus in on the dresses better I think with the all white background

Q. What do you like most about being a model for Recollections?

A. I love how much fun we have during our photo shoots! We are constantly laughing, yet we get our work done in a timely manner and I love to see all of the different styles of dresses Marianne comes up with.

Liesa Joslin modeling Recollections fashions

Q. What is your favorite fashion era from Recollections designs?

A. I love the ball gowns, or saloon dresses and corsets.  (Not sure what era those are from)

Q. Do you have a favorite dress you’ve modeled?

A. There have been so many throughout the years it’s hard to remember, but I just modeled a gorgeous white wedding gown one that I love! (See middle photo in featured image above.)

Q. What is your favorite part of being a model for Recollections?

A. Being able to be a part of something so unique that comes from our small little town and knowing these dresses sell all over the world and telling people about it, they get very intrigued after describing to them what it’s all about.

Q. Tell us more about your work at the hospital in Alpena.

A. I work full time in Alpena doing Payroll for the Homecare and Private Duty Department with a great group of ladies that work on other parts in the department.  It’s a very convenient job because I can pretty much move my hours around to how I want.

Thanks for spending some time with us today, Liesa! We can’t wait to see which new fashion from Recollections you will be modeling soon!

– Donna Klein