If you have photos to share, please send your photos to Barb at sales@recollections.biz.

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Marsha from Indiana writes:

“Hi Barb,
Attached are a few photos for you to choose from.   The first one was taken of me in the living room of our home in Rockport, Indiana.  It is a little dark.    The rest were taken at the Civil War Ball in Rockport, Indiana – Sept. 22, 2012.   I am wearing the Recollections gown, necklace and earrings that I bought from you.
code P1020720The second picture was taken at the Ball, of Robin and I (Marsha).   Of course, we were surprised to see each other in the same gown!    We just laughed, and when we were close to each other, and others noticed,  we would just jokingly say that we were sisters.  🙂
The third picture is of “President Lincoln” (Dean) and “Mary Todd Lincoln” (GayAnn).   GayAnn is wearing the Recollection’s gown that she bought this year.   She had original ordered the same gown that I did, but when she found out that I had that gown, she quickly changed her order.   We all got a laugh when we realized that we could have had three gowns the same at the Ball !code P1020704
Oh my, that must be a popular gown! I have to tell you that the teal color is even prettier in person than in the pictures.   I guess we all have pretty good taste.
The Ball was a GREAT success, and so was the Silent Auction.   Thank you to all of you for all your great help.”