Happy 35th birthday to us! What seems like a long time ago when you look at the calendar but passes in the blink of an eye? Ah, how the years seem like nothing but fleeting moments when you are investing in your passion!

Flash back to the early 1980s…

Our founder and designer was a young woman living in Hartland, Michigan. Hartland is a small town in Livingston County, approximately 50 miles from Detroit. There is a parade every Memorial Day. You can enjoy crisp autumn days at Spicer’s Orchards and Cider Mill. A farmers’ market is held the first Saturday of every month. The coldest months are celebrated with the annual Family Winterfest.

It was a great place to grow up and a great place to dream. Our founder’s dreams started in a spare bedroom in Hartland but they quickly outgrew the confines of her home. For a short while, Recollections was a bricks-and-mortar enterprise but it wasn’t long before the focused changed to serving the wholesale market.

The 1990s through today

Flash forward a few birthday celebrations… By the early 1990s, the lure of Northern Michigan grew too strong to resist. Many Southeast Michigan families have ties to the northern part of the state. It’s where many go to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Our founder’s family was no different. Childhood memories and the opportunity to relocate drew the company to relocate to Hawks, a small unincorporated community in Presque Isle County. Today, the company is in the former Belknap Township Hall.

This part of Northern Michigan is ideal for providing the inspiration to our designer. Our seamstresses are all local women, most of whom grew up here and are raising their families here.

As we celebrate our 35th birthday, we are grateful for where the journey has taken us so far. Thank you for being our customer. Here’s to the adventure the future hold for all of us! Celebrate with us with our birthday sale through midnight on Thursday, May 18th. We have ’35 random acts of fashion’ featuring savings on 35 select items. We are also celebrating with 10% savings sitewide and all purchases of $150 or more are entered into a random drawing for a $250 gift certificate!