We really enjoy hearing your memories! This time we’re looking for your favorite Mother’s Day story. Perhaps, it is a memory from your childhood. Perhaps, it is a memory of an experience you had as a mom. Perhaps, your dad was also your mom and you have a memory you’d like to share about your experience. Stories can be funny and/or poignant. Please try to keep it to no more than 500 words. Upload your story in the comments section (comments are moderated so it may take a little while before your story appears) or email them to donna@recollections.biz. The contest runs through Tuesday, May 16th at midnight. Then, we’ll pick our three favorites. Each winner will receive a $40 gift certificate as a way of saying thanks for sharing your memories with us! Winners will be notified by email on Wednesday, May 17th.

Here’s a favorite story from my family’s vault.

My father always made a big deal about Mother’s Day and would be sure that my sister and I had our own card and gift to give to Mom. We were fortunate to have a very nice card and gift store in my hometown. Kent’s was the place to go for the finest Hallmark cards and beautiful but affordable knickknacks. Dad would send us up to Kent’s during the week before Mother’s Day. We were to pick out a card and gift from each of us. Once we made our choices, the nice lady behind the counter would read the note and put our purchases in ‘lay-away.’ Dad would go up on Saturday morning and pay for what we picked out. Kent’s always had our gifts wrapped in the prettiest paper with the loveliest bows or other embellishments suitable for Mother’s Day. Mom was always filled with pride and joy with our gifts and Kent’s was a big reason why.

Over the years, Mom accumulated a lot of knickknacks. Now she is living in a nursing home but on her shelf is one gift from me and one from my sister from all those many years ago.