Victorian Blouses as a Result of Dress Reform

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True, Victorian blouses are a common sight in period films and TV series, but did you know that they weren't in vogue throughout the Victorian era? They emerged in response to the Victorian Dress Reform movement. Tired of the discomfort of bustles, hoop skirts, and painful corsets, women gradually adopted a more refined corset. The [...]

A Reformation: The Victorian Blouse

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The Victorian era was so long that it encompassed several distinct periods. For example, Civil War dresses are distinctly different than bustled dresses, though both are technically “Victorian.” The end of the Victorian Era evolved into the fashions of the Edwardian Era that followed, and with this, the Victorian blouse emerged. Especially in 1890, the [...]

Outfitting The Good Wife

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    The Good Wife has been a staple of the CBS line up since first arriving in living rooms in September, 2009.  The legal and political drama stars Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick, the title character of the show.  From the first episode, fans have been interested in fashions worn by the various characters [...]