Edwardian and Flapper Fashion: Getting the look of Downton Abbey

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Downton Abby has become a sensation all over the world, and now more than ever, it is easy to get the look of your favorite characters. At the same time, the development of Pinterest makes it easy to search quickly and efficiently for fashion. It also has the benefit of allowing its users to see [...]

Downton Abbey recap and review: Season 5 Episode 1

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The hill that will give the rest of the season momentum. Spoiler Alerts Like so many others, I cuddled up with a cup of tea and a scone to watch PBS’s Season 5 premiere of Downton Abby on Sunday night. Waiting on the edge of the couch to know exactly what would happen to Edith’s [...]

Edwardian Era

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The Edwardian Era is named for Queen Victoria’s son Edward, who ascended to the throne upon her death in 1901. This was to become an age of unparalleled luxury as the bustles, stiff silks and wools of the 1890’s gave way to the new decorative Art Noveau style. The French termed this period la Belle [...]

Oh! Those Roaring 20’s!

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Oh! Those Roaring 20’s! The older generation must have been convinced that the world was rushing down the road to perdition, as their daughters took full advantage of newfound freedoms. This was the age of jazz, women’s liberation, and a sudden loosening – indeed smashing - of the rules of society that were iron-clad only [...]