The four winning aprons from the contest


Recently, Recollections held an apron design contest.  It was open to all employees and subcontractors.  Once the final designs were chosen, you, the Recollections customer were the judges!  Sales determined the winner, and the people have spoken.


First place winner, Dani, designed a Civil War era pinner apron (#140961).  The bib of the pinner can be worn down or pinned up to cover the chest as needed.  Wear it down to provide a clean work surface on your lap when seated, or a way to carry produce in from the garden.  Wear it up to protect your gown, dress, or blouse while cooking, baking, or cleaning.  This apron pulled double duty in almost every kitchen in the mid-19th century.


Second place went to Jami’s retro, 1950s-inspired bib apron (#140960) complete with a fabric rose to add a touch of color where the neck strap attaches to the bib.  The front of the apron is reminiscent of a diner napkin, neatly folded to a point.  This apron is a stylish addition to any kitchen!


There was a tie for third place between Olah and Athena.  Olah’s apron design (#140958-9) was inspired by her mother who lives in Ukraine.  This is the definitive 1950s bib apron.  Lace trim accents and an oversized front pocket add femininity and functionality to this design.  A separate matching shawl collar with a floral rosette adds flair and style to any formal dinner party.


We revisit the 19th century for Athena’s apron (#140965).  A lace trimmed shawl collar that rests across your shoulders in complemented with an old-style diamond-shaped corselette waist cincher waistband.  the floor length apron is finished with a ruffle.  This apron will be the hit of any formal dinner party at which it makes an appearance!


We thank each of our seamstresses for entering the contest and we thank you for being the judges!  Congratulations, ladies!