Lily Elsie – Epitome of Edwardian Beauty Part 2

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by Donna Klein Part 1 Post-Edwardian Aftermath Lily's shyness and lack of confidence were so pronounced that she suffered from paralyzing stage fright. Although she had a string of hits following the run of The Merry Widow, she often missed performances because she was unable to overcome her fears. She became known as 'a part-time [...]

Living Life in an Edwardian Dress

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Nowadays, we’re lucky if the friends we meet for coffee are wearing jeans and actual shoes instead of flip-flops and sweatpants. In other words, we’re a little more focused on comfort than beauty. But, that attitude may change when we think back to the Edwardian era and all the effort that it took to be [...]

Belts: The Height of Edwardian Fashion

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We all know from movies like Titanic and shows like Downton Abbey how Edwardian fashion looked. Gowns were much freer flowing than the rigid taffeta ones from the Victorian era, and showed off women’s figures more than previous styles of clothing. However, while we all know this, we never talk about a critical piece of [...]

Going Underneath Edwardian Clothes: The Corset

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The trend of corset-wearing, labeled under the guise of “waist-training,” is becoming popular again. Stars like Lindsey Lohan and the Kardashians are all hopping on the waist-training train in hopes that it will help their figure become the ideal hourglass. Wasn’t this trend lost about a hundred years ago, though? When we think of corsets, [...]