Bloomers, Pantaloons, and Knickers – Oh My!

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Pantaloons, drawers, knickers, and bloomers. What do all of these items have in common? During the 1800’s all were adopted by women as a necessary article of clothing. During the early nineteenth century women did not typically wear anything under their skirts and petticoats. However, during the empire period early in the century, women’s clothing [...]

Getting that Period Look

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When my husband and I moved to the relatively small town of Prescott Arizona several years ago, I never dreamed that I would soon be spending all my time (and a great deal of money) in an effort to look as though I lived in the late 1800’s. For my husband, the transition was fairly [...]

Victorian and Edwardian Hats

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Just as most of us will not venture forth from our houses without makeup and earrings on, just so no self-respecting Victorian lady would leave home without a hat. For the purposes of this discussion, we divide the Victorian period into three parts; early (1844-1855), mid (1858-1870) and late 1872-1897 Victorian. Because we are [...]


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Hatpins! There are few accessories a lady wears that are even more fun than they are functional. Although they enjoyed their greatest popularity between the 1880’s and 1920’s, hatpins are very collectable even today because they are often fabulous, and fanciful. For those who dress in period attire, they are also an indispensable method for [...]

What would a Pre-Victorian School Teacher wear?

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In the early 1800’s, there was not public education as we know it. Wealthy families hired tutors for their children, and for the working-class poor, school was not an option. In the late 18th century a tailor named Thomas Cranfield offered free education for poor children in London. In 1798 Cranfield established a free [...]