The Difference between Corsets and Bustiers

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Bustiers vs. Corsets: Learn The Difference Here At Recollections Bustier and corsets are both common historical undergarments that pair well with Victorian and Edwardian dresses. While the terms are sometimes used synonymously, in reality, they are two completely different undergarments used for different reasons. The bustier and the corset share similar characteristics. They are closely [...]

Bloomers, Pantaloons, and Knickers – Oh My!

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Pantaloons, drawers, knickers, and bloomers. What do all of these items have in common? During the 1800’s all were adopted by women as a necessary article of clothing. During the early nineteenth century women did not typically wear anything under their skirts and petticoats. However, during the empire period early in the century, women’s clothing [...]

The Changing Shapes of Victorian Fashion

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Many of us tend to think “Victorian” whenever we see certain floral prints, or a vintage-looking Valentines card. However, when applying the term to clothing we must follow a very specific set of guidelines. The “Victorian period” of history coincides with the ascension and reign of Queen Victoria from 1870 to 1900. Young and lovely, [...]