If you shop with Recollections and read our blog, then you’re probably interested in the history of the Victorian era. While Recollections tries to create blog posts that give the historical significance of certain pieces in the Victorian era, we can’t possibly give a complete history. The era spanned almost eighty years, and we don’t focus on just the Victorian era in our pieces, but rather the clothes from several eras.

However, there’s a perfect blog to feed your hunger for Victorian era history. Victoriana Magazine offers examples of historical pieces that have been preserved in museums. The magazine also examines hairstyles in photographs and authentic drawings from Victorian booklets on the latest fashion trends in each era. The magazine even has sections dedicated to the 1920s and Edwardian era fashion trends, though the Victorian articles are more plentiful and extensive. You can find everything on this site, from how to bustle a dress to putting on a corset. You can also use it to properly accessorize the pieces you already have or find authentic hairstyles to match your gorgeous Victorian gowns.

Victoriana also has a selection of articles on men’s clothing, which is helpful for finding information on the way your favorite gent should dress the next time you put on Victorian garb for a reenactment or event. The magazine even has information on the way that Victorian children dressed, so the whole family can look authentic on their next Victorian adventure.

The magazine also has a large set of articles on the actual history of the Victorian era, like timelines of Queen Victoria and images and diagrams of what Victorian homes actually looked like so that you can have an authentic setting for your gowns. The magazine will direct you to the places where you can purchase or find furniture pieces that are either authentic to the era or look similar to original pieces. There really is nothing that this complete guide to the Victorian era can’t provide.

Don’t spend another minute searching online and in libraries for articles and books that don’t give a complete view of Victorian era fashions and customs. Instead, just visit Victoriana Magazine’s website. Their rich content will wow you. You’ll never worry about dressing or acting improperly after checking out Victoriana! Take a look today!