11 Interesting Facts about Annette Kellerman, Edwardian Swimming Star

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1. She took up swimming to strengthen her legs. Annette Kellerman (sometimes spelled Kellermann) was born in Sydney, Australia, on 6 July 1886. Her legs were very weakened by rickets as a young child so she wore painful steel braces to help strengthen them. At age six, her parents enrolled in swimming classes to further [...]

Victorian Clothing Crossword Game Winners

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We want to thank everyone who participated in our new game! We had such fun with the Victorian Clothing crossword game that we are going to do it again very soon. One thing we learned is that you all belong on Wheel of Fortune. Another is that there are quite a few of you who [...]

New Crossword Contest – Victorian Clothing Day One

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Welcome to day one of our new contest. We're trying something different this time. It's a crossword without clues. Instead, we are giving you three letters to start you off. Each day we'll add three more letters until someone submits all of the correct words. Think of it like one of the games they play [...]

Jane Peterson, American Impressionist

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Jane Peterson was a centennial baby. She was born on November 28, 1876, in Elgin, Illinois. Her parents were an Elgin Watch Company employee and a homemaker. They named her Jennie Christine. Little did they know that their baby would grow up to be considered one of the most prolific and brilliant impressionist painters of [...]

Queen Anne and the American Victorian Home

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The Industrial Revolution in the UK and America was the catalyst for change in architecture. By the time Queen Victoria ascended the throne, architects were embracing new materials and technologies that sparked the imagination. Mass production and mass transit (rail) allowed architects to explore a plethora of possibilities. There are many styles of home and [...]

Caption This! New Year Greetings 2017

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In our continuing celebration of the holidays, we’re inviting you to participate in our ‘Caption This!’ New Year Greetings 2017 contest. New Year greetings were very popular during the Victorian era and they were downright weird, sometimes! We compiled 10 vintage New Year greetings for you. Have fun and Happy New Year from Recollections! Rules [...]

Ada Lovelace; Lord Byron’s Daughter, the Mathematician

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Augusta Ada Byron was born on December 10, 1815. She is the only legitimate offspring of the poet, George, Lord Byron and his wife, Anne Isabella (“Annabella”) Milbanke, Lady Wentworth. According to 10 Things You May Not Know about Ada Lovelace, the first words her father to his infant daughter were, “Oh! What an implement [...]

Recollections is among the Best of the West for 2017

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True West Magazine is print and electronic publication that is the brainchild of Bob Boze Bell. Bob is an expert on the history of the Old West. He can currently be seen on 'Gunslingers' on the American Heroes Channel. He's written nine books on Old West characters in addition to his work on True West, [...]

Share Your Favorite Holiday Story Contest – Christmas 2016

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We really enjoyed your Thanksgiving stories last month. So, we decided to bring it back for Christmas 2016! We're looking for your favorite holiday story (if Christmas isn't your holiday, that's okay). We're looking for stories of hope, peace, sharing, giving; you get the picture. They can be funny or poignant. Please try to keep [...]

Guess How Many Candies are in the Jar – Holidays 2016 Edition

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We’re bringing back our ‘guess the number of candies in the jar’ contest just in time for the holidays 2016! Everybody loves receiving gifts and we love giving them! Many of you love a fun contest and we’re happy to oblige. The contest runs from Thursday, December 15th through Monday night at midnight on December [...]