We want to thank everyone who participated in our new game! We had such fun with the Victorian Clothing crossword game that we are going to do it again very soon. One thing we learned is that you all belong on Wheel of Fortune. Another is that there are quite a few of you who enjoy crossword puzzles!

The correct answers are below.


  1. tournure
  2. train
  3. pagoda
  4. crinoline
  5. chemisette


  1. corset
  2. polonaise
  3. petticoat
  4. bodice

The winner of the $50 gift certificate is Callie C. from Arlington, Tennessee. The winners of a $25 gift certificate are Zahra B. and Allison M.

We’re coming up with another one for you and will post it when it is done. The next one will (hopefully) be a little more challenging. Thanks again for participating! To see all of the answers, please visit day one’s clues.

– Donna Klein