How did Southern Ghost Girls Tours and Paranormal Investigations come to life?

Lesley Ann Hyde loves to travel. She loves history and enjoys paranormal investigations. As she pursued her passion, Lesley noticed that most investigators were men, no one immersed themselves in history by dressing the part, and participants rarely got to do the investigating. They were merely onlookers. These are the seeds from which Southern Ghost Girls Tours and Paranormal Investigations was born.

The Southern Ghost Girls are first and foremost, well, girls (women, actually)! They dress in Victorian and Edwardian-era clothing while conducting tours and investigations. And, the participants are invited to be investigators!

Lesley founded the company a little more than one year ago. In this short time, they’ve already captured the attention of their native Alabama and beyond. Maybe it’s because they immerse those who join their tours in the history of the building they are exploring. Wearing period clothing helps bring history to life! Lesley also believes that wearing period clothing helps them relate to any spirits that might be lurking.

Southern Ghost Girls image 2
Lesley Hyde in Recollections’ Caprice Victorian Bustle Dress

The Southern Ghost Girls also invite those on a tour to handle the equipment (or bring their own) and help determine if any paranormal activity is present. This makes the tour even more fun for participants who’ve ranged in age from seven to more than seventy!

History also plays a big part in each tour. The guides spend a lot of time researching and getting to know each building and the spirits who may inhabit each one. Since many of the tours take place in established historical venues, it is important to the Southern Ghost Girls to give back to the community in which they work. Part of the proceeds is donated to each venue in which they give tours. Lesley says, “it’s a way for people to have fun, escape reality and give back to the community!”

Southern Ghost Girls image 3
Lesley Hyde wearing Recollections fashions

In addition to the tours, the Southern Ghost Girls are on two different shows, including Truth or Legends in Your Hometown. They are talking with other production companies to expand the concept to other parts of the United States. Tours are ongoing throughout the year but often sell out quickly. It’s recommended to reserve your spot early! They are also available to conduct interactive paranormal investigations in historical venues. Interested in learning more? Connect with the Southern Ghost Girls through their website, or Facebook page,

Southern Ghost Girls image 4
Lesley wearing her
Tara Civil War Styled Gown