Thanksgiving… a day filled with memories of family and friends, of hearth and home. We want to share this Thanksgiving with you. We’re looking for your favorite Thanksgiving story. Upload your story in the comments section or email them to Please try to keep your story to no more than 500 words. We’ll pick our three favorites. Then, we’re giving each winner a $40 gift certificate as a way of saying thanks for sharing your memories with us! Contest ends on Monday night, November 28 at midnight.

Here’s a favorite Thanksgiving story from my family vault.

High school football was a Thanksgiving tradition in my hometown (and continues to this day). Usually, Mom was the one who stayed home while Dad, my sister, and I headed out to the game. One year, my aunt decided to give Mom a break and offered to come over and tend to the turkey and all the trimmings so she could attend the game with us.

When we got home, my aunt had quite the story to tell! She decided to use a recipe for the turkey that included placing a paper bag (like those you get at the grocery store) like a tent over the bird. It wasn’t too long before smoke was coming from the oven. She opened the oven door to find that the paper bag was on fire. She was unsure what to do next and started to panic.

The kitchen filled with smoke and wafted through the open kitchen window. Fortunately, our neighbor was in his yard at the time this was happening. I’m not sure if it was the smoke or her cries of “oh no!” that brought him to our back door. It really didn’t matter as he was the superhero who saved the day.

He came in and removed the flaming turkey from the oven, tamped out the fire, calmed down my aunt, and helped her examine the remains. After getting rid of the ashes and giving the bird a little bath, it went back into the oven. He even helped air out the house!

When we arrived home after the game, we had no idea what happened until she told us. We all had a good laugh and shared a prayer of thanksgiving for a delicious turkey and having a home that was still intact! We also made sure to visit our neighbor to let him know how thankful we were that he was our fireman. He really saved the day!

Now, it’s your turn to share your favorite Thanksgiving story. We look forward to hearing about your memories!

– Donna Klein