Here’s an easy game to play and win! Play our Christmas Candy Counting Contest 2017 December 21 through midnight PT on December 22. Three winners will receive a 20% off coupon!

This time we filled Santa’s sleigh with regular, peanut, and caramel M&Ms. Your job is to guess the total number of M&Ms in the sleigh.

You can only enter once so think about your answer carefully then give it your best shot.

Enter through the comments section of this blog post. Please include your first name, last initial, and location (for publication in our newsletter).

Comments are moderated so your answer is seen by us but not by everyone else (evens the playing field).

The three guesses closest to the actual number in the sleigh each win a 20% off coupon.

Christmas Candy Counting Contest 2017

* If there are three correct guesses, those entrants automatically win!

* If there are more than three correct guesses, the winning entrants’ names will be placed into a random drawing.

* If there are one or two correct answers submitted, those entrants automatically win and

* The next closest correct entries, up to no more than a total of 10 entries, will be entered into a random drawing for the remaining coupon(s).

Remember, your guess must be submitted by Friday, December 22 at midnight PT. Thank you for participating in our Christmas Candy Counting Contest 2017 Good luck and thank you for being Recollections customer.