We have our winners! Thank you to everyone who participated in the Valentine’s Day 2017 Crossword Game. We had a lot of fun interacting with the players and what players you are!

The grand prize winner of a $50 gift certificate is Grace W. of MN. She was about seven minutes ahead of Anna W. of Sauk Centre, MN. Our third winner came from Facebook late this afternoon. Congratulations to Amanda H. of Pittsburgh, PA. Anna and Amanda each receive a $25 gift certificate.

Here is the game filled in with all of the answers. The key follows below. To read all of the answers that came in on the blog, please read the comments in yesterday’s post. I’d like to thank Marti S. for pointing out the misspelling of 13 down – Greenaway instead of Greenway. Since the clue appeared that way for several days and the site I pulled it from had it spelled ‘Greenway,’ we decided to accept either spelling as correct.

Thank you again for playing! We look forward to playing with you again soon. And in the meantime, have fun shopping the Recollections website!

– Donna

Valentine's Day crossword game winners

Answer Key:

6. cobweb
7. vinegar
9. love token
11. love note
14. fraktur
15.handmade card
17. daguerreotype
18. Pope Gelasius
19. Norcross
20. Loveland telegram
21. ribbons
24. poonah
25.Geoffrey Chaucer
28. rebus
29. Hallmark
32. heart sleeve
33. be mine
34. penny post
35. flowers
36. sweetheart
40. penny dreadful
41. unsigned
43. acrostic

1. puzzle purse
2. love bagge
3. mechanical
5. heaving party
6.Cadbury chocolate
8. coarse caricatures
10. Worcester
12. cutout
13. Kate Greenaway (or Greenway)
16. mirror
22. busk
23. sparrow
26. Esther Howland
27. theorem
30. bluebird
31. romance
37. goldfinch
38. robin
39. Cupid
42. lace