Costumes Style Gallery – Steampunk, Halloween, LARP, Entertainment

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It's our Costumes Style Gallery! This is the place to see our customers dressing up in costumes for a variety of events, creating a variety of characters. Often we provide the foundation and our customers provide the creativity that allows our garment to transcend our sewing machines into a new world. Who can resist dressing [...]

Wedding Style Gallery


Welcome to our Wedding Style Gallery. This is the place to see photos of brides and bridal parties wearing Recollections fashions. Our brides are as beautiful and diverse as the dresses and gowns they choose for their wedding. Our bridal section features fashions from the Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian eras. We also have Roaring 20s [...]

Style Gallery

We moved the Style Gallery to our blog so we can continue to offer an integral part of the Recollections experience to you. We know how much you love the Style Gallery and we love seeing our 'fashions in action!' You make our garments come to life. Each one has its own story. When you [...]