Project Description

It’s our Costumes Style Gallery! This is the place to see our customers dressing up in costumes for a variety of events, creating a variety of characters. Often we provide the foundation and our customers provide the creativity that allows our garment to transcend our sewing machines into a new world.

Who can resist dressing up for Halloween? Whether you are the one handing out the candy, taking your child trick-or-treating, hosting a party, or attending one, Halloween costumes are in vogue for people of all ages today. We have classy witches, women from history, and fictional characters. Lots to choose from. We love seeing how you take one of our garments and turn it into your very own Halloween costume.

We have a Steampunk section that is a great foundation for building your next Live Action Role Play (LARP)ing convention or special event. From classically-inspired Victorian Steampunk to designs that are a bit edgier, we enjoy seeing who you become when you step into this alternate reality.

We also love seeing our ghost-tour hosts and historical docents. Seeing the characters you create with our costumes and knowing we are contributing to the stories you tell makes us very happy!

You’ll also find historical reenactments in this style gallery. You’ll see presidents’ wives, suffrage leaders, and Civil War camp helpers. These areĀ are just a few of the historical reenactment categories in which our customers participate.

Our customers also work and play in live theatre as well as filmed media. You’ll find photos from James Joyce, the Merry Wives of Windsor, Hello, Dolly!, Oliver! (coming), and My Fair Lady (coming). We love seeing our costumes entertaining crowds!

We look forward to adding your costume photo to our Costumes style gallery. Your creative passion coupled with our passion for historical clothing equals some awesome photos! Please email your photo to us and we’ll upload it to the gallery as soon as possible.