Project Description

We moved the Style Gallery to our blog so we can continue to offer an integral part of the Recollections experience to you. We know how much you love the Style Gallery and we love seeing our ‘fashions in action!’ You make our garments come to life. Each one has its own story. When you share them with us, we all catch a glimpse into your lives and the historic moments in which you wear our fashions and accessories.

Some of the photos are of weddings. We’re filled with joy knowing that something handmade right here in Hawks, Michigan is a big part of one of the most historic moments in your life! Some photos are of Christmas and other December holiday celebrations. Oh, what fun it is to see what kind of fun you are having! We have a nice variety of photos from the annual Somewhere in Time Weekend on Mackinac Island.  Many of you participate in Old West events and action shooting. When we see those photos, we really get to see our fashions on the move! Our garments also show up in costumes for Steampunk and other LARPing events, on stage, and on film. Some of you participate in Pioneer events. It’s great to see some good old-fashioned fun! You share special moments between you and your fellows and your best friends. The pretty poses you share showing off your gowns and dresses are exquisite!

We had more than 500 photos covering three years to preserve and move. We decided to create smaller galleries that encompass a variety of categories. Individual photo style gallery categories include Costumes, Couples, December Holidays, Groups, Old West Action, Patriotic, Pioneer, Pretty Poses, Somewhere in Time, and Weddings. We are adding each photo style gallery over the next few days. Please check back to see your favorites!