Apron Design Contest 2014

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Recollections' seamstresses are creative souls who enjoy unleashing their inner designer. So recently, we launched an apron design contest.  The eleven finalists' creations are featured on our aprons page, and they are on sale through November 30th!  Each purchase of a featured apron from one of our contest finalists casts a vote for the seamstress who [...]

Costume College

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What do Dust Ruffles and Dress Shields, Beginning Thermoplastics techniques, Death’s Head Buttons, and Making a Pair of Mechanical Wings have in common? Each is one of the over 150 classes that will be offered at this year’s Costume College, presented by the Costumers Guild West, this July in Woodland Hills, California. As an avid [...]

What is Steampunk?

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With the Steampunk subculture recently being featured on the current TV series “Castle”, in the comic strip “Luann”, and in Steampunk-inspired gadgets and machines featured in the current “Warehouse 13” series, Steampunk is poised to emerge as a mainline culture and lifestyle on the world scene. While the movement has its roots in many works [...]