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Alice Victorian Gown
Augusta Civil War Style Blouse and Skirt
Carrie Victorian Dress
Civil War Era Dress
Civil War Era Jacket
Civil War Styled Ensemble
Civil War Styled Gown and  Lace Fichu
Civil War Styled Victorian Petticoat
Civil War Victorian Style Dress
Civil War Victorian Style Dress
Double Tiered Hip Length Cape
Emma Victorian Gown
Fran's Frontier Pioneer Dress
Helena Civil War Styled Gown
Holly Cape
Kady Bell Civil War Gown
Katharine Victorian Style Dress
Kezia Cotton Prairie Dress
Lasalle Civil War Ensemble
Mallory Victorian Civil War Dress
Margaret Civil War Victorian Styled Gown
Pagoda Civil War Style Gown
Peony Silk Civil War Styled Gown
Pioneer Calico Apron
Pioneer Victorian Pinafore
Primrose Victorian Civil War Gown
Prudence Civil War Styled Dress
Romantic Era Cotton Dress  and Cape
Sarah Emma Bolero Ensemble
Tamsin Victorian Gown
Trinity Dress and Cape
Victorian Blouse and Skirt
Victorian Civil War Headpiece
Victorian Civil War Jacket and Skirt Gown
Victorian Cotton Fichu Apron
Victorian Cotton Gown
Victorian Pioneer Edwardian Work Apron on sale
Victorian Styled Work Dress
Victorian Velvet Cape
Virginia Civil War Styled Jacket and Skirt

Civil War era fashions and accessories reminiscent of Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth March, Louisa Alcott's beloved characters from her classic novel.