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Flower Mechanical Pendant Watch
Antique Pocket Watch
Classic Pendant Watch
Heart and Key Necklace
Silver Flower Etched Pendant Watch
Porcelain Flowers Bracelet
Vintage Inspired Victorian Style Filigree Choker Necklace Set - Crystal
Vintage Inspired Victorian Filigree Choker Necklace Set - Olivine Austrian Crystal
Topaz Austrian Crystal Choker
Ruby Choker Set
Blue-Silver Choker Set
Vintage Porcelain Necklace
Gold Roses Pendant Watch
Vintage Cameo Necklace
Topaz Filigree Bar Pin
Cupids and Hearts Bar Pin
Porcelain Limoges Earrings
Cameo Brooch Pin
Green Cameo Flowers Pin
Amber Cameo Brooch
Porcelain Flower Necklace
Romantic Rose Cameo
Vintage Filigree Bar Pin
3 Jet Crystal Bracelet

Queen Victoria had a large collection of jewels, some of her own design. She was a large supporter of jewelry artisans and passionate about precious gems. Much like Anna Wintour, she made jewelry styles and designers popular. Simply put, Victoria loved jewelry. Her husband Albert often gave her pieces of jewelry to commemorate special events, like the birth of their nine children. Some styles popularized by Victoria were the cameo and jet or black work.

Cameos, brooches, bar pins, earrings, and necklaces all pair beautifully with Victorian dresses and were quite fashionable during Victoria's reign. Cameos were extremely rare and expensive. Made from helmet and bull mouth shells, cameos were a popular souvenir for Grand Tour travelers. The Grand Tour was a trip of cultural exploration taken by young social elites. Starting in the London, travelers made their way through the cultural hubs of Paris and Rome or Venice with side trips to Florence and Pompeii. Many cameos were carved in Torre del Greco, located at the bottom of Mount Vesuvius.

Black jet jewelry was also fashionable during the Victorian era. Considered mourning jewelry, Victoria exclusively wore the gemstone from Albert's death until her death in 1901. After fine quality Jet was found on the east coast of Yorkshire in Whitby, the mourning Queen exclusively wore Whitby jet. In fact, she only allowed Whitby jet to be worn at court. Since jet was so lightweight, large pieces could be worn without weighing down the wearer. Like cameos, jet was a popular souvenir for those on a seaside holiday in Whitby.

Here at Recollections we offer many styles of cameo and jet jewelry. We also offer chokers, bracelets, crystals and pocket watches. Complete your favorite Victorian ensemble in high style with our Victorian accessories!

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