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Ivory Victorian Boot
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Boots were very popular during the Victorian era. Women often wore boots for everyday wear, because they were practical and affordable due to technological advances. The shoes were great for walking through the dirty cobblestone streets of the age. At the beginning of Victoria's reign in 1837, an inventor introduced elastic sided boots to her. Though these boots were popular, laced boots remained common throughout the era.

Some popular ankle boot styles included the Adelaide and the Congress. The Adelaide was a flat or short heeled boot with front lacing. While the Congress was an elastic sided boot with a short heel. Women often wore leather boots for everyday wear and fashionable cloth boots for indoor wear. Cloth or fashion boots were decorated with laces, embroidery and often tied with ribbon. Meanwhile, spats were worn to protect shoes from rain and mud. They eventually became a style of boot known as the spat boot. It was worn during the late 1890s and early 1900s. The boot used a button across fastening rather than laces.

Offered in whole sizes 6 to 12, our boots at Recollections are available in a range of heights and styles. We have short heeled lace up boots and high heeled spat boots. Since boots during the era were often offered in neutral colors, our boots are available in black, white and brown. Complete any Recollections ensemble with a pair of our finely made boots!