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Alice Victorian Gown
Anya Civil War Styled Dress
Caroling Double Tiered Cape and Skirt
Cassidy Victorian Cotton Skirt
Civil War  Gown
Civil War Cotton Skirt
Civil War Dupioni Skirt
Civil War Pleated Full Skirt
Civil War Styled Ensemble
Civil War Styled Hat
Civil War Styled Set
Civil War Styled Skirt
Civil War Styled Victorian Petticoat
Civil War Twill Skirt
Civil War Victorian Style Dress
Civil War Victorian Styled Gown
Dickens Victorian  Hooded Cape
Dickens Victorian Corduroy Dress
Dickens Victorian Dress
Dickens Victorian Velvet Bonnet
Double Tiered Hip Length Cape
Dupioni Civil War Styled Skirt
Emma Victorian Gown
Gabrielle Civil War Jacket
Holly Dickens Caroling Cape and Skirt
Kady Bell Civil War Skirt
Larksong Victorian Civil War Style Gown
Lasalle Civil War Ensemble
Mallory Civil War Skirt
Mallory Civil War Top
Mallory Victorian Civil War Dress
Margaret Civil War Victorian Styled Gown
Mary Carolin' Red Victorian Suit
Pagoda Civil War Style Gown
Peony Silk Civil War Styled Gown
Persephone Civil War Gown
Pioneer Bonnet
Prudence Civil War Styled Dress
Romantic Era Cotton Dress  and Cape
Sarah Emma Bolero
Sarah Emma Bolero Ensemble
Sarah Emma Civil War Skirt
Tara Civil War Styled Gown
Tirra Festive Victorian Suit
Trinity Civil War Dress
Trinity Dress and Cape
Twill Cape Jacket
Victorian Civil War Headpiece
Victorian Civil War Jacket and Skirt Gown
Victorian Civil War Style Set
Victorian Civil War Styled Ball Gown
Victorian Civil War Styled Skirt
Victorian Dress and Cape
Victorian Lace Cape
Dresses, gowns, skirts, tops, capes, bonnets, hats, and heapieces, too, are on sale now. Complete your look with our wide selection of underpinnings and accessories.