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Caprice Victorian Bustle Dress
Chantelle Victorian Silk Ball Gown
Miss Kate Dress
Wendy Victorian Dress
Victorian Cotton Dress
Maggie Victorian Skirt and Blouse
Victorian Bustle Style Cotton Dress
Victorian Twill Skirt
Geneve Blouse
Pioneer Apron
Quinn Riding Suit
Mourning Gown
Pioneer Dress
Linette Ensemble
Dickens Victorian Dress
Victorian Bustle Dress
Eliza Victorian Dress
Corrina Victorian Silk Bustle Dress
Victorian Style Prairie Dress
Cecilia Regency Era Dress
Ashlyn Blouse
Prairie Dress
Hallie Edwardian Dress
Marcella Victorian Polonaise Dress
Our Top 50 Best Sellers Sale is back! Prices reflect 20% savings on 50 of your favorites. No coupon code needed! We're so grateful you choose to be our customer that the sale runs through midnight Pacific Time on Thursday, November 23rd (Thanksgiving in America).

At the top of the best sellers chart are blouses, skirts, ensembles, aprons, boots, and of course, dresses. Victorian fashions include our perennial favorites, Chantelle Victorian Ball Gown and Corrina Victorian Bustle Dress. We have fancy gowns in taffeta, damask, and dupioni, dresses made of easy, breezy cotton. You will find corduroy vests, twill skirts, and even a pioneer apron here. We also have Regency and Edwardian fashions included in this sale. Lady Audra, Maggie, and Eliza are on the top 50, too. Polonaise, bustle gowns, and the Quinn Riding Suit are there, too! Look around and you will see why these 50 are your favorites and our top best sellers.
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