Olga Leake: Historical Reenacting is Living Life in a Different Time Period

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Olga Leake is an American Revolution Continental Soldier reenactor from Pennsylvania.

Costume College

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What do Dust Ruffles and Dress Shields, Beginning Thermoplastics techniques, Death’s Head Buttons, and Making a Pair of Mechanical Wings have in common? Each is one of the over 150 classes that will be offered at this year’s Costume College, presented by the Costumers Guild West, this July in Woodland Hills, California. As an avid [...]

What would a Pre-Victorian School Teacher wear?

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In the early 1800’s, there was not public education as we know it. Wealthy families hired tutors for their children, and for the working-class poor, school was not an option. In the late 18th century a tailor named Thomas Cranfield offered free education for poor children in London. In 1798 Cranfield established a free [...]