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Funny, thoughtful, or poetic captions were requested. Our panel of judges chose from the entries to determine the winners. Each winner received a $50 gift coupon to use on regularly-priced merchandise at our website! Contest closed midnight PT on Tuesday, February 14, 2023. There were 7 photos to caption.

Caption these:

The winning caption is:
“In the process of shedding from the modern to the romantic era!  (I see those flip flops!)”  -Cheryl M

1- Eek!  Has anyone seen where that mouse ran to?   Diane S.
1 That squirrel must be hiding somewhere!  Jean T.

H(oops!)  Enrique and Donnell

Photograph #1.   
Garden parties can be boring and drab.
Not this one you see.
Fun and folly of this words I love the most…
And for this I graciously thank my lovely host!  Jodi
1. Three Ladies Dancing in the sheer light of day.
    Petticoats showing, oh my, what will they say?
    Dear sisters there are ants and so many of them.
    You stomped, you kicked, and up went your hem. 
Oh sister I tell you that you are not very alluring.
    Your ankles are showing and your petticoats twirling.
    Be calm, breathe, and ponder our plight.
    For surely we appear as a most unusual sight!  Susan S
#1  A cooling breeze, we hope no one sees. Ruth T
1.  Petticoat Junction!   DEBE B
Photo # 1: Mouse! Did someone say mouse?  Marilyn H
The frequency of hoop skirts being applied to smuggling trades led to some very interesting pop-up black-markets.  Scout
NUMBER ONE:  “When I find out who put poison ivy on our hoop skirt waist bands — !!!!”  Deborah M
Come on girls!  Julie R

Photo #1 – Before musical chairs, it was musical hoop skirts    Stephanie B

Photo 1: “Where is that parasol? I just know I brought it with me.”    Abigail S

1. The hoop-skirt struggle is real!   Abigail F

#1 Where dat wrabbit go?    Sean K.
Hoop-dee-doo!     Shellee M
“We really should have worn a different colour than white. Grass stains are a menace and a grass green petticoat why that… That is a fate worse than death!” Robert G
Photo #1:  It is a new craze called Hulu Hooping, but I’m not sure we’ve got the hang of it yet.  -Heather T
Butterflies emerging from their cocoons.  -Carol B
#1 – Ladies, does this hoop make me look hippy? – Kelly L
Photo Number 1.   Ooh look!   It’s got pockets!!!    -Sarah-Helen
1. We three maids Victorian all
    Wearing hoops we head to the ball
    Where’s our carriage, don’t disparage
    Squeezing in a car this small!      Lynn A
Photo 1- Well, this is embarrassing! Those jumping jacks have spoiled my unmentionables!      -Lauren T
This is the best Galentine’s Day ever!  – Elisa J
“I’m sure I put that map for General Lee in here somewhere!”  -Maya D
Ladies! Hitch up your hoops and let’s have some fun!  -Cheryl F

1.  “Seriously, I think it was a squirrel”  -Laura H

How many bones do you have in your petticoat? It so full!  -Sharon G

Caption 1 – Oh My, What Will They Think?  Glenda M

#1 Hoop, hoop, hurrah!   -Victoria S

1.  “What do you mean you can see right through this?”   Cynthia D

1 – “He will like my hoops best! No, look at mine, mine is better! You are both wrong, look, mine is the best!”   Donald D

1. Does this hoop skirt make my lower limbs look big?   Mea

Photo #1   Frolic in the Park   -Marietta K

Photo 1  My hoop skirt brings all the girls to the yard    -Beth K

Photo 1:  “I thought ‘we have some hoops to jump through’ was just a metaphor!”  
-Katherine B
Caption 1  While waiting for our Beaus ! Many ants have gotten in our clothes !   -Claudia H

Photo 1    Are you sure this goes on this way?    -Lorriedel D

“Okay Ladies, lunch is over and the boys have gone–time to loosen up and hang out!” -Mary V

1. “A Squirrel..I think it was a squirrel!”    -Laura H

Photo Number 1   “I got the most posh pedicure the other day, only I can’t see it around the hoopskirt…”   -Abby B

photo number: 1  Contestants prepare for the annual Hula-Hoop-Skirt competition.  -Janette G

1. Can’t drive with a hoop skirt so now getting dressed on way to event.  -Cheri B
Winning caption: ” Sports Illustrated 1900’s”    -Cheri B

Caption 2 – Don’t Come Any Closer or I’ll Jump!  -Glenda M
2- There is no way I’m stepping a toe into that cold Michigan water!  Diane S.
2 What’s a sleeper wave?  Jean T.

2  Seas the day     Enrique and Donnell

Picture #2 – Standing at the shore is where I must be.   -Madelyn

Photo #2.
As I set forth mine eyes upon the deep blue sea,
My true love, I patiently wait for thee    – Jodi
#2  I’m only a “see” worthy lass.  Ruth T
2.  We’re ready for your close up!   DEBE B
Somewhere, beyond the sea, she’s there watching for me.  -Scout
NUMBER TWO: “I promise not to get wet!”  Deborah M

2. Just a lovely day at the Seaside!  Julie R

Photo #2 – This view was worth baring my ankles!   Stephanie B

Photo 2: The soft sound of the clear water as it rushes towards the sun brings me tidings of a long lost hope, and I turn around, hoping to see him once more—but he is gone, it was but a shadow of a memory.    Abigail S

2. Anne of the Island    -Abigail F

2.  I’m blue for you!    Cheryl M

2. “What a day that makes you feel like you are truly alive… Oh no the worst animal of all emerges in the distance… Competitive swimmers.”    -Robert G

Photo 2
Cold and vast the waters be
Stones strewn to eternity
But I’m wearing love and something blue
Am set to sail away with you             –Dorothea B
Photo #2: I just saw the tiniest mermaid on the tiniest rock!  -Heather T
Sun and sea,
Look at me.
Shaded white
in the light    -Carol B

#2 -“I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide; Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied.” Excerpt from Sea Fever by poet John Masefield – – Kelly L

2. Where’s my bathing machine?    Lynn A

Photo 2- I’ve been here for 10 minutes…will he ever notice?      -Lauren T

2- Jonathan? Jonathan Livingston Seagull? Where are you?  – Elisa J

2. Gracious! I wonder if anyone will notice I forgot my stockings and bathing boots!  -Maya D

2. I know I left my shoes around here somewhere.   Cheryl F

2.  “Oh thank goodness, I thought at first you said a lovely day for a parasail.” -Laura H

2. I don’t want to go in the water, you go!   -Sharon G

2.  “I think I’ll stay right here. It’s a bit shallow for a swim.”    Cynthia D

2 – “Opps, the tide is coming in. I wonder if I can get him to carry me to shore.”  Donald D

2. Georges Seurat, eat your heart out.  Mea

Caption 2   Standing on this rock anxiously awaiting the arrival of my love !   -Claudia H

Photo 2   Where is everybody?  They were here a moment ago!   -Lorriedel D

2. “No one will see my Valentine’s tan legs, but I’LL know they’re summer ready! -Mary V

Photo Number 2
“The seashore is home to fairies and queens
Who live in a dreamworld brought in by tide.
On bright days you may glimpse their figurines;
As they wand’r the waves by which they abide.” Abby B

Photo #2   Somewhere beyond the sea     -Marietta K
The winning caption:
There once were a young maid and lass
who went quickly down the beach paths.
They placed their toes into the sea.
A wave came up, oh goodness me,
and promptly knocked each on her . . .
[Remember!  These are ladies – . . . each on her plot of sea grass]    -Carol B

3.  “Irene, it’s not that kind of beach but what the heck I will if you will.”
Laura H
3- I’m telling you, take little delicate steps and the men will be impressed.   Diane S.
3 Watch out for plover eggs!  Jean T.
#3 :I promised him I’d find that garter he gave me!  Patti G

3    Ahoy Maddie     Enrique and Donnell

3. I love a brisk walk but we must return before Mother realizes we are gone!  Susan S
#3  Let’s dip our toes before the winter snows.  Ruth T
3.  I just want to get my toes wet   DEBE B
Bosom friends and kindred spirits, Anne and Diane walked the shores of the island.  -Scout
NUMBER THREE: “Mother will never know!”  Deborah M
3. Oh-hurry-Let’s dip our toes in the water.  Julie R
Photo #3 – Ahhh, I love to feel the sand through my boot soles     Stephanie B
Photo 3: “Tell me Marissa, why did you leave the dance so suddenly when Mr. Worth entered?” “I cannot tell you,” she answered quietly, “come, let us venture a little closer to those beautiful waves.”   Abigail S
3. Kindred Spirits     Abigail F
3.  Do you think our friends will notice that our petticoats got wet?   Cheryl M
3. “The beach is lovely and all however it would be nice if sand was more the stay at home type… Rather than the hitch-hiker type.” Robert G
Photo 3
How wide is this meadow
How wide is this hoop
For once shall we shed it
And fleetness recoup?
-Dorothea B
Photo #3: Of all the places to lose your pet hermit crab, Lucy!  -Heather T 
#3 – “The bosom buddies took to the sea after some much savored raspberry cordial! They are, by definition, kindred spirits!” – Kelly L
3. Watch your step – the geese congregate here!   Lynn A
Photo 3- Friendship sweetened by salty air,
Summer sun dancing across my hair,
Abandoning daily cares and woes,
I sift the sand between my toes!      -Lauren T
3- Last one in is a rotten egg!  – Elisa J
3. Did you hear the latest? Eliza Goodworth married that scoundrel Percival Nottingham!  -Maya D

3. I feel sure that we left the boat right here…  Cheryl F

3. Watch out for the sand crabs.   -Sharon G

Caption 3 – Hurry, Before They See Us!  Glenda M

For Picture #3 – “Once your feet have touched the warm sun-drenched sand of the seashore, you will never ever be the same.” — Patsy Gant   -Madelyn L

Picture number 3
“I knew I should’ve used Winston’s razor on these legs of mine. They’re getting about as hairy as his beard!”     Katie Bequette .
“Watch out for the crabs. They’re vicious!”   Cynthia D
 3 – “Carefull. If you feel a pinch, that’s not cupid’s arrow, it’s a crab that got under your skirt!”   Donald D
3. Watch out! Somebody spit out gum in the sand and I got it on my shoe!  Mea
Photo #3  Seaside Jaunt    -Marietta K
Caption 3  Hurrying thru the sand to wade in the sea!   -Claudia H
3. “Now, show me exactly where you thought you saw a merman, Dear. I simply MUST have a date for the Valentine’s dance! -Mary V
Photo Number 3  “Was it the wisest idea to reenact Anne and Diana? There’s sand in my boots.” Abby B
3. They have no idea that bikini’s are the future   -Cheri B

The winning caption is:
Little Miss Rigg
    Sat on a pig
    Prim and proper all day
    Along came a mister
    Who wanted to kiss her
    And squired Miss Rigg away!    -Lynn A

4- How cute do I look sitting on a pig?  Diane S.
4 Chair yoga has always been a challenge. Jean T.
#4 : I’m not gonna squeal, so how did it feel? (ahem, wearing teal?)  Patti G

4  Prim Rose     Enrique and Donnell

4. Tell me when my friend will return and I’ll let you borrow my pretty earrings.  -Susan S
#4  This lady is quite demure, very classy that’s for sure.  Ruth T

4.  Shhj…I’m looking for the magical fairies.  DEBE B

 Miss Millie, while never malicious, was always up to date on the latest town gossip.  If you wanted to know what was happening, her familiar “pet pig” was the place to find out.  Scout

NUMBER FOUR: “As prim as a pig.”  Deborah M

4. Well-Hello my darling!  Julie R

Photo #4 – Perched on a pig and pretty as a petunia!   Stephanie B

Photo 4: “You know what I mean,” she said hintingly, “there was something more in the way she left so suddenly when he entered the room.”   Abigail S

4. When pigs (don’t) fly    Abigail F

4.  Are you looking at me or my beautiful blouse?   Cheryl M

4. “Maybe sitting on this little pig statue will help me find a man. After all, men sure can be swine but can also taste so divine.” Robert G

Photo 4
She teaches precious young by day
A ballgown traded for a book
Bright treasures find the one who seeks
What lives behind her pensive look
-Dorothea B
Photo #4: If you like my dress, just wait until you see my Science!  -Heather T

Come hither and tell me your secrets.    -Carol B

4. “Did you say Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso?”  -Laura H 

Photo 4- Is that a Krispy Kreme you’ve brought me, Darling? Give me some sugar!     -Lauren T
4- Girl, have I got some gossip for you!  – Elisa J

4. Don’t you dare tell a soul what I’m about to tell you…  -Maya D

4. Hattie always hogs the best seat!  Cheryl F

4. And you thought school teachers behaved themselves!   -Sharon G

Caption 4 – You Just THINK I’m Innocent     -Glenda M

#4 This little piggy dies not stay home   -Victoria S

4.  “And that’s not the best part!”   Cynthia D

4 – “Just you wait. He’s going to fall in love when he sees my new outfit!”   Donald D
4. Do you like my new hat? I got it when I was in France. There was this room with a bunch of wax mannequins…   -Mea
Caption 4   Contemplating the arrival of my love !    -Claudia H
Photo Number 4  “The favorite cousin, being completely condescending”   -Abby B
Photo #4  Garden Gossip   -Marietta K
4. Ready for the protest parade   -Cheri B
The winning caption: “Revolutionary spying was stressful work.  In the woods she spent hours practicing her expressions and schooling her deportment in full dress rehearsals for information gathering ballrooms.”  -Scout

5. Lesson One Liturgical Dance   -Laura H
5- I’m not sure how I got here, but you will need to carry me down!  Diane S.
5 An elegant lady  
dressed for a spin  
Ended up by a brook, 
slipped and fell in.  Jean T.

5     Legend of the Fall     Enrique and Donnell

Picture #5 – “As long as I live, I’ll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing.” – John Muir  –Madelyn

Photo #5.
As he captured a glimpse of his fair love,
It was then that he understood that it was her beauty that surely decorated nature.  Jodi
#5  Picture perfect, oh so green, loveliest dress I’ve ever seen.  Ruth T
5. Take my hand…..we won’t fall…   DEBE B
NUMBER FIVE: “Some of you come help me across this stream!”  Deborah M
5. Please help me, my love!  Julie R
Photo #5 – The most gorgeous green in the landscape    Stephanie B
Photo 5: Her imagination overtook her. By the bubbling Brook of Miracles, she held out her hand to an invisible Earl, saying, “Sir, your presence here does me an honor.”   Abigail S
5. Have you seen my Prince Charming?    Abigail F
5. Is this perfect or what?   Cheryl M
5. “Come on boy. You can do it. Jump! Jump for mommy… Training a cat is much harder than I thought it would be.” Robert G
Picture 5
Adorned I stand for all to see
Yet hidden is my yearning
While glow and glee may capture thee
My heart inside is burning
-Dorothea B
Photo #5: Come quickly, my love. I’ve changed my mind on where and when you should propose to me. Oops! Did I say that out loud?  -Heather T
You may kiss my hand.    -Carol B
#5 – …and a little sprinkle of magic for the garden fairies! – Kelly L
5. “Three coins in the fountain
    Through the ripples how they shine
    And just one wish will be granted
    One heart will wear a valentine
    Make it mine!”  (Sammy Cahn)     Lynn A
Photo 5- But come ye back when summer’s in the meadow
Or all the valley’s hushed and white with snow
‘Tis I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow
O Danny boy, O Danny boy, I love you so      -Lauren T
5- Where did that frog go? All I need is one kiss.  – Elisa J
5. Come here my dear.  Let me tell you what really happened  -Maya D
5. There is NO doubt in my mind: THIS is the exact spot to sprinkle the pixie dust!!  Cheryl F
5. Help me, dahling. I seem to be stuck.   -Sharon G
Caption 5 – Don’t Be Afraid, Take My Hand   -Glenda M
5.  Just one more rock, just there, Sweetheart.”   Cynthia D
5 – “Come dear, it’s just a little brook. Don’t be afraid, I will hold your hand.”   Donald D
5. I CANNOT believe that bird flying overhead just did that to my new dress!  Mea
Photo #5    Forest Escape    -Marietta K
Caption 5   My love please carry me over these rocks !   -Claudia H
Photo Number 5  “With the utmost cordiality and elegance of manner, she accepted the dance.” Abby B
5. Trying to balance my hips      -Cheri B
The winning caption:
 Daddy always said you were a pushover, and Daddy was right right.  -Heather T

6- Someday My Prince Will Come  Diane S.
6 Hmmmm, I like the forest green, but would burnt orange have been a better choice?  Jean T.
#6: a big kiss if you paint my shingles! Patti G
6  Calico Belle     Enrique and Donnell
6. I made it up here on my own and I’ll get down when I very well please!  Susan S.
Photo #6.
“Please! Be my lady” he cried as I peered from above.
“Say YES!” said he. ” and I shall forever be thy devoted true love”
Thy answer was captured by my smile .  Jodi
#6  Dreaming of what is to come and  feeling so pretty in my new outfit.
So much Love in this world and so many little ways to show it.  Todd H
#6  I’m smiling down from up above, on the lawn waits my true love. Ruth T
6.  Romeo….oh Romeo    DEBE B
High above it all, she watched the city boys she had dared…it would really be their own fault if they actually tried to milk the bull.  Scout
NUMBER SIX:  “Why ever do you want me to lean over this balcony?”  Deborah M
6. Hello world!    Julie R
Photo #6 – A diamond in the rough    Stephanie B
Photo 6: She eyed the couple below as they snuck a secret moment to whisper together. Knowing not that she was there, she watched them speaking closely, then choosing a fine moment to interrupt, she called, “Yoo hoo! Hello Robert, Hello Jane!”   Abigail S
6. Wherefore art thou Romeo?    Abigail F
6.  Look at those love birds down there!   Cheryl M
6. “Everyone sure does look like little childrens toys from up here… Now if only they would go where I want them to.” Robert G
Photo #6: Daddy always said you were a pushover, and Daddy was right right.  -Heather T
“It is the east and Juliet is the sun”  Shakespeare     -Carol B
6. For the hundredth time, I am not Rapunzel!    Lynn A
Photo 6-  A lady never tells      -Lauren T
6- Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou, Romeo?  – Elisa J

6. I wonder if he, too, remembers that night  -Maya D

6. But soft, what light from yonder balcony breaks?
  Oh, it’s me!   -Cheryl F
6. Not too shabby to be chic. -Laura H

6. As she watches, she is thinking to herself; Do you guys have any idea how stupid you look?   -Sharon G

Caption 6 – I DON’T THINK SO, NOT WITH MY HAIR!  Glenda M

#6  Juliet’s got nothing on me!   -Victoria S

6.  “Come up and see me sometime.”   Cynthia D
6 – “That’s so sweet, he’s serenading me from below.”   Donald D

6. Come up and see me sometime, big boy.  Mea

Photo #6   Cheeky Gaze   -Marietta K

Photo 6  I don’t care who you are, I’m not “letting down” my hair.  -Beth K

Photo 6: Wherefore art thou Romeo?   -Katherine B

Caption 6   My dear, quickly come up here so I shed no tears cause I long for you, my love is true    -Claudia H

Photo 6     They have no idea that they are caught in my web of intrigue.   -Lorriedel D

Photo Number 6    “Sorry, my love, I can’t let my hair down. It isn’t proper according to ‘Gems of Deportment and Hints of Etiquette’. You’ll have to find the hidden staircase.” – Rapunzel
-Abby B

6. I see my Romeo  -Cheri B
The winning caption:
 Lorriedel D

7- I feel like I’m in an episode of the original Star Trek. Oh Captain Kirk, where are you?  Diane S.
7 Anything to get out of the snow  Jean T.

7 Petticoat Junction      Enrique and Donnell

For photograph #7  
“I hope I dont meet any of the Donner party out here !”   Robert
#7  Do not mess with a lady of the west or with her wrath you may be blessed.  Ruth T

7.  Don’t be late for dinner.   DEBE B

7) Beamed into the alien landscape; phaser set to STUNNING!  Scout

NUMBER SEVEN: “You ask what this object is in my hand?  The first ever glue gun – just you wait to see what it can do!”  Deborah M

7. Am I Beautiful?!  Julie R

Photo #7 – Our brightest hope for the past/future!    Stephanie B

Photo 7: “Now, where was that alien? He must have dropped this little device…not sure what it is, though—looks like some kind of weapon. Heigh ho, he’ll probably turn up to get it back.”   Abigail S

7. This town ain’t big enough for the two of us.    Abigail F

7.  I’m so camouflaged, he can’t see me!   Cheryl M

7. “I could be out here all night looking for that gold nugget I dropped on the trail. Good thing I brought the extra big light.” Robert G

Photo #7: Why, yes! It is a Cosmic Death Ray… I thought you’d never ask!  -Heather T

She is as strong and as beautiful as the landscape around her.     -Carol B

#7 – Fear not, it’s a dry heat. -Kelly L

7. Oh, I thought you said phasers on stunning!    Lynn A

Photo 7- Bring it on! Annie’s gun got nothin’ on mine!    -Lauren T

7- Okay, you get the dirigible I’ll take care of the zombies.  – Elisa J

7. Gee, this time travel stuff has its advantages!  -Maya D

7. Geared up for ADVENTURE!?
???  Cheryl F

7. When a walk in the park is just not enough…  -Laura H

# 7 Caption.  “It’s Bono Fett in drag!”  -Gayle B

7. I am WAITING for the aliens to come out so I can blast them!   -Sharon G

Caption 7 – No More I And Seek!    Glenda M

7.  “Yes, this is where I bury my dead.  Any other questions?”   Cynthia D

7 – “Where did that rascal get off to? He promised to marry me!”   Donald D

7. I know I parked my buggy around here somewhere!  Mea

#7 Now where did I park my airship?  Kathleen A

Photo #7  Steampunk Showdown
Marietta K
Caption 7
Left in the middle of nowhere by someone that does not care !  Claudia H

7. Just left filming of “Yellowstone “   – Cheri B