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Tempest Victorian Suit
Penelope Victorian Styled Suit
Twill Vest and Skirt
Honora Edwardian Suit
Fern Edwardian Suit
Quinn Riding Suit
Old West Victorian Jacket and Skirt
Misha Victorian Ensemble
Edwardian Twill Cape Blouse and Skirt
Holly Dickens Caroling Cape and Skirt
Twill Victorian Style Suit
Iris Victorian Velvet Suit
Bicycling Outfit
Sienna Edwardian Corduroy Suit
Victorian Twill Suit
Eleanor Lea Military Style Suit
Lilith Edwardian Ensemble
Old West Victorian Suit
Sarah Ann Victorian Suit
Roaring 20's Day Suit
Feodora Edwardian Suit
Victorian Hunting Suit
Edwardian Style Suit
Victorian Corduroy Riding Suit

Physical activities were common for women during the Victorian era. Though the garments worn for such activities were restricting and more modest than what men more, women still participated in a variety of sports. Victorian women actively pursued swimming, archery, horse riding, ice skating, golfing, boating tennis and biking. Ladies Home Journal gives the example of a perfect Victorian maiden in 1891, "As a nation we ought to welcome the healthy, hearty girl who can beat her brother in managing a tennis ball, in rowing a boat, and very often in managing a frisky horse."

Towards the end of the Victorian era, costumes became much more practical for sports. With the introduction of sportswear and suits, women had more maneuverability and better posture. In the early 1900s suits were common wear for everyday women. Prior to this time, trend setters like Sarah Bernhardt wore suits for everyday wear. Other women solely wore such costumes for sports activities. These costumes consisted of tailored jackets, a blouse and long slim skirt.

Here at Recollections, we have suits perfect for any everyday activity. We have suits for hunting, bicycle riding and archery. Most of the suits feature a button down jacket and skirt of pants. Our made in the USA suits are made of durable fabrics like twill and corduroy. They are available in sizes XS to XXXXL. We can't wait to make your next (or first) suit ensemble!