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White Victorian Batiste Blouse
White Batiste Blouse Lace Trim
White 6-bone Hoop
White 4-bone Ruffled Hoop
Virginia Twill Jacket
Victorian Civil War Style Top
Victorian Civil War Style Skirt
Valentina Civil War Styled Satin Skirt
V-neckline Twill Vest
Trinity Cape
Sarah Emma Civil War Skirt
Sarah Emma Bolero
Sarah Ann Victorian Jacket
Pat's Historically Correct Drawers
Margaret Civil War Top
Margaret Civil War Styled Skirt
Mallory Civil War Skirt
Lasalle Top
Kady Bell Civil War Styled Top
Kady Bell Civil War Skirt
Gabrielle Civil War Jacket
Extra Full Crinoline
Dupioni Civil War Styled Skirt
Double Tiered Hip Length Cape
Dickens  Victorian Skirt
Contessa Victorian Styled Jacket
Civil War Twill Skirt
Civil War Styled Victorian Petticoat
Civil War Styled Skirt
Civil War Styled Satin Skirt
Civil War Pleated Full Skirt
Civil War Dupioni Skirt
Civil War Cotton Skirt
Cassidy Victorian Cotton Skirt
Bernardina Victorian Skirt
4-bone Hoop
19th Century Styled Shirt
19th Century Pinner Apron

Since soldiers needed fabric for their uniforms, little fabric was available to civilians during the war. Women learned to make do with less, often mending their gowns with patches of homespun fabrics. Curtains could even be a great substitute, as used by Scarlett in Gone With the Wind to make a new dress during the Civil War.

Buying new gowns was unpractical and unpatriotic during the war effort. The creation of men's military uniforms brought mass production and standard sizing for men's shirts, coats and pants. Meanwhile, women still wore hand sewn clothing until many years later.

With many men going off to the war, women had to take on new roles. Whether that be tending to the farm or running the household, clothing needed to be practical. So women often wore interchangeable separate pieces, like bodices and skirts. The interchangeability of the garments gave women more options for their day to day looks. The more options they had, the better. If one of their pieces happened to rip, they could always wear another piece instead.

At Recollections, our separates include skirts, aprons, petticoats, vests, hoops, drawers and jackets. Choose from a variety of skirts made in luxurious fabrics and prints including taffeta, dupioni, cotton and satin. Also choose from a variety of jackets made with elaborately cut peplum hems and flounces. Pair them with our layered blouses. They look great layered under a jacket or vest with a hoop skirt to accentuate the waist.

All Recollections garments are available in sizes XS to XXXXL and proudly designed and created in the United States of America. Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to assist you every step of the way. We look forward to making your next piece!

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